Arby's Menu Price List {Updated 2023} (2023)

Since its inception in 1964, Arby's has become a household name in the fast food industry. Arby's menu prices are very reasonable compared to other restaurants. It has gained a loyal following for its delicious menu offerings and reasonable prices.

With over 3,300 locations around the world, Arby's has grown into one of the largest fast food chains in the world.

From signature roast beef sandwiches to the famous curly fries, there's something for everyone on the Arby's menu.

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Arby's menu price list of all items

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Find the nearest branch to your location

Breakfast menu and schedule

Offers and coupons

Franchise costs for the business

Frequently asked questions

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Arby's Menu Price list of all items

Price list for meals

Classic roast beef3,62 $
Classic roast beef meal6,26 $
Medium roastbeef4,72 $
Medium roast beef meal7,36 $
Max Roastbeef5,82 $
Max Roast Beef - Måltid8,46 $
Classic beef with cheddar4,39 $
Classic beef and cheddar dish7,03 $
Between beef and cheddar5,49 $
Medium beef 'n cheddar meal8,13 $
French Dip and Swiss4,94 $
French Dip & Swiss - Måltid7,47 $
smoked brisket6,15 $
Smoked brisket - Meal8,46 $
Corned Beef Reuben5,49 $
Corned Beef Reuben - Meal8,24 $
Angus Three Cheese & Bacon6,15 $
Angus Three Cheese & Bacon - Måltid8,46 $
Angus Philly6,15 $
Angus Philly - Meal8,46 $
Sandwich with fried turkey and bacon5,82 $
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich - Meal8,35 $
Roast turkey and bacon wrap5,82 $
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Wrap - Meal8,35 $
Roast Turkey and Swiss Sandwich5,49 $
Roast Turkey and Swiss Sandwich - Meal8,24 $
Roast turkey and swiss wrap5,49 $
Roast turkey and swiss wrap - meal8,24 $
Great Turkey Club4,94 $
Grand Turkey Club - Meal7,47 $
Crispy chicken4,39 $
Crispy chicken meal7,14 $
Chicken Bacon and Swiss5,05 $
Chicken Bacon & Swiss - Meal7,69 $
Chicken cordon bleu5,05 $
Chicken cordon bleu meal7,69 $
Prime sliced ​​chicken fillets3 Stk.4,06 $
Prime sliced ​​chicken fillets5 Stk.5,71 $
Prime-Cut Chicken tenders - Meal3 Stk.6,81 $
Prime-Cut Chicken tenders - Meal5 Stk.8,46 $
Crispy Fish Flatbread (limited time)3,29 $
Crispy Fish Flatbread - Meal (Limited Time)5,49 $
Crispy Fish Sandwich (limited time)3,29 $
Crispy Fish Sandwich - Meal (Limited Time)5,49 $
King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe (Limited Time)4,39 $
King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe Meal (Limited Time)6,59 $
Steak Fajita Flatbread (limited time)5,49 $
Steak Fajita Flatbread Meal (Limited Time)7,69 $
Spicy Steak Fajita Flatbread (limited time)5,49 $
Spicy Steak Fajita Flatbread Meal (Limited Time)7,69 $
Make it a snack0,65 $
Make it a big meal1,09 $

Please note:Prices are from the official Arby's website. However, the store's grocery prices may vary slightly depending on the store's location.

Snacks for children

Jr. For roast beef1,75 $
ham melting1,75 $
Jr. Cheddar Melt1,75 $
Jr. Bacon Cheddar Smelt2,30 $
French fries (curly or waffle)Snack1,31 $
Jr. Shake (chocolate, jamocha or vanilla)1,42 $
DrinkingChildren1,20 $

Sliders and salads

chicken pusher1,64 $
Corned Beef Slider1,64 $
Him Slider1,64 $
Roastbeef-Slider1,64 $
Jalapeño-Roastbeef-Slider1,64 $
Farmer's Salad (crispy chicken or roast turkey)5,49 $
side salat1,86 $

Dessert menu

Shake (chocolate, vanilla or jamocha)Klein2,19 $
Shake (chocolate, vanilla or jamocha)Medium2,74 $
Shake (chocolate, vanilla or jamocha)Big3,29 $
Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake (Limited Time)20 ounces.3,29 $
Sale (apple, cherry or chocolate)1,53 $

connection menu

waffle friesKlein1,86 $
waffle friesMedium2,19 $
waffle friesBig2,41 $
Curly friesKlein1,86 $
Curly friesMedium2,19 $
Curly friesBig2,41 $
potato cake2 Stk.1,86 $
potato cake3 Stk.2,19 $
potato cake4 Stk.2,41 $
Mozzarella sticks4 Stk.3,29 $
Mozzarella sticks6 Stk.5,16 $
Jalapeno-bid5 Stk.3,29 $
Jalapeno-bid8 Stk.5,16 $
Steakhouse onion rings2,52 $
ChipsBag1,42 $
Loaded Curly Fries (Limited Time)3,29 $

drinks menu

sodaKlein1,75 $
sodaMedium1,97 $
sodaBig2,19 $
Bottled water1,64 $
Want2,52 $

Arby's offers several convenient ways to order food online. Here's a quick overview of how to order online at Arby's:

Google and Play Store app

Download the Arby's app from the Google or Play Store and create an account. Browse the menu and add items to your shopping cart. Customize your order and proceed to checkout. Select your payment method and then submit your order. You will receive a confirmation as soon as your order has been processed.

Official Site

Visit the Arby's website and click the "Start Order" button. Select your location and select the items you wish to order from the menu. Adjust your order as needed, then checkout. Enter your payment information and submit your order. You will receive a confirmation when your order has been processed.

Other Third Party Platforms

Arby's can also be ordered online through various third-party platforms. These include Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub and Postmates. Download the app for your preferred platform, create an account, then search for Arby's. Select the items you would like to order, customize your order, and then submit your order. You will receive a confirmation when your order has been processed.

Whichever method you choose, ordering online at Arby's is quick, easy and convenient.

Find the nearest branch to your location

Follow these steps to find the closest Arby's location to your current US location:

  • Go to Arby'sofficial site
  • Click on "Locations".
  • On the Places page, enter your address, city or state in the search field.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon or press Enter.
  • Arby's locations closest to your search are displayed on a map and in list format below the map.

Do you want to order food from your nearest Arby's location via the official website? Follow this step-by-step guide:

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  • Click on the location on the map or list to see details. This includes address, telephone number and opening hours.
  • Click the "Order" button.
  • Select the items you want to order from the menu and customize your order as you wish. You can add or remove ingredients, choose a meal deal or side dishes.
  • Click the "Proceed to Checkout" button when you are ready to place your order.
  • Enter your contact details. Choose to have your order delivered to the curb, pick up your order at the restaurant or have it delivered (if available).
  • Select your payment method and enter your payment details.
  • Review your order and make sure all details are correct.
  • Click the Place Order button to place your order.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your order with the estimated collection or delivery time.

That is it! By following these steps, you can easily order food from your nearest Arby's location via the official website.

Opening hours of the sale

Arby store opening hours may vary depending on location and day of the week. However, most Arby's locations are open seven days a week, and their normal hours are as follows:

  • Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 10:00

Please note that these opening hours are subject to change based on location and local requirements. It's always best to check with your nearest Arby's location for exact hours.

In light of special holidays, many Arby's locations may have reduced hours or may be closed entirely on certain holidays. Here is a list of some major holidays that Arby's may be closed on:

  • Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
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Arby's has reduced opening hours on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Again, it's always best to check with your nearest Arby's location for hours and holidays.

Breakfast menu and schedule

Arby's breakfast menu is available at select locations and is typically served from 06.00 to 10.30. The breakfast menu offers a selection of sandwiches and side dishes that are perfect to start the day. Here are some of the things you can find on the Arby's breakfast menu:

  • Biscuit with bacon, egg and cheese
  • Biscuit with ham, egg and cheese
  • Sausage, egg and cheese crackers
  • Wrap with bacon, egg and cheese
  • Ham Egg Cheese Wrap
  • Sausage, egg and cheese wrap
  • Sourdough with bacon, egg and cheese
  • Sourdough with ham, egg and cheese
  • Ham and cheese croissant
  • Croissant with bacon, egg and cheese
  • Croissant with ham, egg and cheese
  • Croissant with sausage, egg and cheese
  • Blueberry Muffin French Toastix

Arby's breakfast menu is a great option for anyone who needs a quick and tasty breakfast on the go. However, it is important to note that the availability of the breakfast menu may vary from place to place. Not all Arby's locations offer breakfast. As such, it's always best to check with your nearest Arby's location for their breakfast menu and times.

Offers and coupons

Arby's often offers customers deals and coupons, which can be found on the website or through the mobile app. Here are some examples of ongoing deals and promotions that Arby's may offer:

  • Sign up for Arby's Rewards and receive 25% off
  • 2 for $7 Daily Value Deals

Arby's prides itself on offering high-quality, freshly prepared food. They have a customer service team ready to help you with any issues and concerns.

Franchise costs for the business

To open an Arby's restaurant, the estimated initial investment may vary based on various factors. For a rented location, the estimated initial investment can range from $336,500 to $927,900. However, for a land and building purchase, the estimated initial investment can range from $750,700 to $2,474,400. This price includes an initial license fee of $37,500 for the first device.

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An ideal candidate must have a solid background as a multi-unit restaurant operator. You should have a strong interest in opening more Arby's restaurants. To be eligible for this opportunity, candidates must demonstrate a minimum capital of $500,000 and a net worth of at least $1,000,000. The total investment can range from $861,950 to $2,451,000.

Please contact for North American franchise opportunities[email protected]. Please contact for international franchise opportunities[email protected].

Frequently asked questions

Q1 What is Arby's most expensive meal?

Response.Arby's most expensive item is the Meat Mountain, which costs a whopping $10. However, the cost can be justified by the large amount of the sandwich. In fact, the sandwich is estimated to weigh close to a pound! The ingredients include 2 chicken fillets.

Q2. What is Arby's best known for?

Response.Arby's is best known for its roast beef sandwiches, which are made with slow-roasted, thinly sliced ​​beef on a soft bun. They are also known for their curly fries and other classic fast food menu items.

Q3 What is Arby's best selling sandwich?

Response.Arby's best selling sandwich is the classic roast beef sandwich. It consists of slow-roasted beef and is served on a soft sesame bun.

Q4 Hvad er det seneste på Arbys menu?

Response.Arby's newest addition to the menu is the Steakhouse Garlic Ribeye Sandwich. It is made from one of the finest cuts of steak - 100% real Ribeye. Ribeye steak is a naturally rich and flavorful cut and has a higher level of marbling. This adds to its flavor and texture.

F5. What is the most expensive burger at Arby's?

Response.Arby's Wagyu Steakhouse Burger offers a refined twist on the classic burger. It combines an American Wagyu patty with toppings. These include American cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onion and a special burger sauce. All these ingredients are served on a toasted, buttery brioche bun. This results in a truly exclusive burger experience.

F6. What is Arby's biggest sandwich?

Response.Arby's has set a new benchmark for size with its Meat Mountain Sandwich. The sandwich is piled high with different meats.

These include: 2 chicken fillets, roast turkey, smoked ham, corned beef, 13 hour smoked brisket, USDA Choice Angus Steak, roast beef, pepper bacon. It is believed to be the largest sandwich ever sold by the restaurant chain.

F7. Is Arby's New Burger All Beef?

Response.Arby's Burger Patty is a unique blend of 51% American Wagyu beef and 49% ground beef. IT combines the rich and tender qualities of the Japanese Wagyu breed with the taste and texture of premium domestic cattle.

F8. What size is Arby's new burger?

Response.Arby's aims to provide a satisfying burger experience that bucks the trend of ever-decreasing burger sizes in the fast food industry. The patty for her burger weighs 6.4 ounces before cooking. This is 50% larger than the patty in McDonald's Quarter Pounder, according to an Arbys press release.

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F9. What type of fish does Arby's use?

Response.Arby's uses Alaska pollock for its fish rolls.

F10. What does Arby's stand for?

Response.Although many people assume that Arby's name refers to roast beef, the fast food chain has clarified that this is not the case. Instead, the name pays tribute to the chain's founders, Leroy and Forrest Raffel, and is based on their initials. The Georgia-based restaurant chain was founded by the brothers in 1964.


What kind of fish does Arby's use for their fish and chips? ›

Their Crispy Fish Sandwich is the same as it was back in 2018 and is a classically prepared Alaskan Pollock fillet crispy-fried to a nice golden brown, topped with tartar sauce, shredded lettuce and served on a sesame seed bun.

What is Arby's new product? ›

Arby's has joined forces with a favorite bread brand to bring two new sandwiches and a new side dish to its menus that are sweet and spicy. The new King's Hawaiian Sweet Heat Sandwiches and Loaded Fries arrived on Monday, March 27, 2023.

Why did Arby's discontinue ham? ›

Some bird-brained bean counter at parent company Inspire Brands corporate headquarters in Atlanta probably crunched some numbers and decided they could save a nickel by ditching one of “the meats.” Of course, by removing ham from the menu, Arby's not only sacrificed the slider but also deep-sixed the Loaded Italian ...

How much meat is in Arby's Classic? ›

Each sandwich has exactly 2.2 ounces of meat (UPDATE: I have been informed by readers who work at Arbys that I should have been given 3 ounces of meat), however, feel free to add more if you desire a bigger sandwich. The best bun to replicate an Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich is a sesame seed hamburger bun.

What kind of fish is in McDonald's fish sandwich? ›

We use wild-caught Alaska Pollock for our Filet-O-Fish® sandwich in the U.S., which is 100% sourced from sustainable fisheries. Why is sustainable fish so important to us? Because it helps protect our oceans—something that's important to you. Interested in learning more about the Filet-O-Fish®?

Does Arby's make a good fish sandwich? ›

Arby's Crispy Fish Sandwich is its classic fish sandwich that pops up on the limited-time menu every year. The sandwich has a crispy fish filet, tartar sauce, and shredded lettuce on a sesame seed bun. While I thought that McDonald's sandwich was going to taste nostalgic, Arby's sandwich was actually the one that did.

Does Arby's have a fish sandwich 2023? ›

Jan 4, 2023

The Crispy Fish Sandwich and King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe make their annual return for the Arby's ahead of the 2023 Lenten season. Arby's Crispy Fish Sandwich consists of a crispy-fried fish filet served with shredded lettuce and tartar sauce on a toasted sesame bun.

What is the new steak sandwich at Arby's in 2023? ›

Jan 23, 2023

Arby's debuts the new Steakhouse Garlic Ribeye Sandwich as their latest premium-end, limited-time sandwich for this winter. Arby's Steakhouse Garlic Ribeye Sandwich features thin-sliced ribeye steak, Swiss cheese, crispy-fried onions, and creamy garlic aioli on a toasted specialty roll.

What burger did Arby's run out of? ›

In 2022, Arby's launched its first-ever burger—and it wasn't just any old fast food hamburger, it was a Wagyu burger. The Wagyu Steakhouse Burger joined the menu in May and was supposed to last through July, but it sold out six weeks earlier than anticipated because customers loved it so much.

What side dish is Arby's discontinuing? ›

According to The Takeout, the fast-food chain is discontinuing its iconic Potato Cakes. The website reported that Arby's decided to stop selling Potato Cakes after the release of its new Crinkle Fries as a permanent menu item, alongside its famous Curly Fries.

Why doesn't Arby's sell burgers? ›

The fast-food chain had formerly differentiated itself by serving no burgers. The "serve no hamburgers" doctrine has, over the years, become a signature one for the Arby's chain. When the first restaurant opened in Boardman, Ohio in 1964, it was billed as a way to have more upscale food on the go.

Can you buy Arby's meat by the pound? ›

Arby's has the meats — and is now selling them by the pound

Customers can buy roast turkey, ham and corned beef without the bread and fixings. Arby's is known for having the meats — and now you can have them, too, without all the bread and trimmings.

What kind of fish is Arby's hushpuppy breaded fish? ›

Premium Pollock strips, battered in a crispy hushpuppy breading and deep fried.

What kind of fish does Long John Silver's use? ›

Long John Silver's uses Wild-caught Alaskan Cod. I have made my recipe with cod I purchased at Costco. I think this would work well with catfish, tilapia, barramundi, haddock, hake, halibut, snapper, or any other white fish you may have.

What type of fish does Popeyes use? ›

The Flounder Fish Sandwich, introduced in 2021, features a flounder filet marinated in Louisiana herbs and spices served on a toasted brioche bun. Customers can choose from spicy or classic varieties.

What type of fish does Burger King use? ›

Burger King's Big Fish Sandwich is 100% Wild Alaskan Pollock, breaded with crispy panko breading and topped with sweet tartar sauce, tangy pickles, all on top of a toasted brioche-style bun... just right for tonight!


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