Best price for moving and storage in the test 2023 (2023)

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Best price for moving and storage in the test 2023 (1)

Troy de Ormond Beach, Floridaverified appraiser

Original review: March 2, 2023

The best price for moving and storage did not disappoint. They completed the move on time, were personable, hard-working and professional, and always asked if there was anything else they could do to help me settle into my new location.

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Best price for moving and storage in the test 2023 (2)

Nathan from Chicago, ILverified appraiser

Original review: February 9, 2023

No hidden fees, very fair prices and very fast work. They made it as easy as possible. Everything was very professional and nothing was broken or lost. They are my first choice as of now and I would definitely recommend them to anyone moving.

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Fate of Streamwood, ILverified appraiser

Original review: February 9, 2023

Best Price Moving surprised me beyond my expectations. They were punctual, fast and careful. They were able to move everything without damaging any of my items. I was very satisfied. They were very professional and organized. The price was very reasonable and fair.

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Best price for moving and storage in the test 2023 (4)

Best price for moving and storage in the test 2023 (5)

Alexus is from Oak Park, MIverified appraiser

Original Review: June 9, 2022

Changed from MI to TX. I barely had communication about the delivery date. The day before they call and say they will be at my house THE NEXT DAY. Without prior notice to be able to have the final balance. I told them I initially had stairs so I thought they would have tied them down, but no. Then when I'm picking up the cash they charge me over $200 extra for delivery because I had stairs AND "a long distance fee" but the apartment was less than 30 feet from the delivery truck.

Horrible company and they are not professionals. He promised me 2 delivery dates and even picked up my things a week early so they would arrive on time. I still didn't receive my items until 2 weeks later. I call and the lady says my initial delivery date was not the date I chose for delivery but "the earliest possible date" so it didn't count. In the initial phone conversation, I told him that I started my job the first week of June, so I needed my clothes by June 1st. I got them a week later. It's poor communication between the entire operating system. Never more.

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Best price for moving and storage in the test 2023 (6)

Serg from Morrisville, North Carolinaverified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: December 9, 2021

Unfortunately, we chose the best moving and storage price for our move between Chicago and North Carolina. The seller explained to me that it was cheaper because they consolidate the movements so that they take between 7 and 10 days, and at no time did he say otherwise. We were willing to agree to this for a quote of half from a dedicated carrier, which would take no more than three days. There are four reasons why I regret this decision.

1) HEAVY QUOTATION: We hadn't packed when we hired them so it was hard to gauge how many boxes we needed to move. They told us that they would call us a few days before picking up the material to specify the budget. And when they did, they weren't very interested in fitting the appointment with the details that we were trying to give them. This would have been the opportunity to cancel or get rid of items based on a revised quote. Also, any adjustments on move-in day would be more expensive, so it was not in their interest to help us minimize that cost. So when they came to Chicago to pick up our stuff, our asking price went up by over 60%.

2) DELIVERY DELAYS - Now relocated to North Carolina using cardboard furniture and plastic forks/knives, 7-10 days have come and gone. When I called to inquire I was told it was the "complimentary estimate" but due to COVID they were taking longer. They pointed to the contract. The contract said that they could take up to a month and a half. Luckily they ended up taking half but still double their "complimentary estimate". We could be guilty of not reading the fine print, except that the contract was signed on move-in day in a hurry because everyone had to leave (this is the first time we've seen this document, by the way).

3) MAFIA MOVEMENTS: The day scheduled for delivery was a Saturday. I called the Best Price Movers main office to make sure everything went smoothly. I asked if they would be available on Saturday and was told they had a person scheduled to fix the issues. On Saturday I called the office all morning and this person did not answer.

When the moving truck arrived, the driver measured the distance between the truck and the apartment. So he figured it would cost us over $500 in additional costs to get the truck unloaded. It wasn't necessary, so I called the office in front of him again, but there was no answer. He seemed offended and allegedly called the office worker directly on "his cell phone" from him, and then apparently verified his calculation over the phone, but at one point "accidentally" mentioned the elevator. He told me that as he informed the elevator now, the cost would increase to $700; that was my fault because he wouldn't have called if he hadn't questioned him. It felt very false that in such a short conversation, so many numbers were made.

After this charade, he said that the only way to unload the truck would be to wire the money or hand over the money. It was a hostage situation. I was only slightly surprised when Zelle's transfer went directly to him and not to the moving company that hired him. It took him 90 minutes to unload that truck with a helper, so all the extra distance and lifting didn't require much more work. During the ordeal, he bragged about how many jobs he was doing because of the pandemic and how desperate people were. And that what I have paid so far for my move "was nothing." He had seen people spend a lot more. For me it was a big problem. I paid about the same amount for mediocre and slow service that I would pay for a reliable point-to-point moving company.

4) BROKEN/MISSING ITEMS: Once they left and we were unloading boxes, we noticed that one of the boxes had been repackaged. Inside, there were broken item pieces and some items were missing. Again, nothing of great value, but what offended us is that we were not notified that an accident had occurred with our things. Also, we had not paid the high cost of insurance with them, so they would have paid us pennies if we had made a claim.

In short, don't hire them. I'm sorry the move was manageable enough to do with a U-Haul so if I wanted it cheap I could have made it possible and hired professional movers at each location to load/unload and not have to wait weeks for my things. Alternatively, paying for the dedicated swap was, in retrospect, also a better alternative than the best price swap because they have better warranties.

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Best price for moving and storage in the test 2023 (7)

Pamela of Moab, UTverified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: August 10, 2021

It was connected to Best Price Moving through a broker. The business entity I initially dealt with was Compass Van Lines. I didn't know who would make the switch from WI to UT. I was diligently contacted about payments when the form of payment was acceptable, but not the actual company. On packing day, what looked like a rental truck with 3 people arrived. Additional fees have been mentioned for tape, packaging of already packaged items. I told them that I had asked to self pack and did not agree to repack my things. That went well, I think. I was then informed of the delivery window and again informed of the payment due, forms of payment acceptable.

On the eve of the confirmed delivery, the driver called me to inform me that there was a road block and that the delivery would be delayed, and that they would inform me. When they didn't contact me, I called and texted the driver. He texted me, he informed me that my belongings were left in Denver CO. He wouldn't say where or how he could track them down. I have tried calling and emailing the company contact, no response. Road closure information is clearly posted at tourist spots as well as road signs well in advance of Denver CO; Alternative routes are available. So far, I have not been informed where my change was left, which company, or any useful information. I will update my review if/when it is delivered or if I am told where my stuff is to be picked up. Horrible experience.

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Best price for moving and storage in the test 2023 (8)

Stacey from Evanston, ILverified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original Review: June 13, 2019

Stay away from this scam moving company. They missed a mandatory quote and added bogus delivery charges totaling $3,158 more than our contract. They took our belongings hostage and threatened to hold them until we paid in cash. They were a day late for delivery with only one moving company (2 hours later they located one on Craigslist), forcing us to unload our own belongings. And they lost and broke some items. I could go on and on but I'll just say buyer beware.

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Best price for moving and storage in the test 2023 (9)

Brandi from Homewood, ILverified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original Review: May 3, 2019

I recently wrote and reviewed some reviews of this company (Colonial Van Lines named them as the moving company for my out of state move). Original reviews are based on my move-in experience... damaged and missing furniture (among a few other things). This company somehow damaged most of my relatively new wooden furniture, and is also missing one of the large side panels on my bed. So since then I only sleep on mattresses... and the rest of the bed couldn't be put together without the panel, so they had to leave it unassembled.

I had never heard of this company until my experience with Colonial Van Lines (the moving company that hired this mover to move my furniture, which I still don't understand). My advice to you is to avoid this setting. And if you decide to go to the colonial truck lines, ask who is moving your furniture! If they say anything about this company being part of your move, don't waste your money or ask yourself unnecessary questions. You will see this same review for this company on other websites. I hope it helps someone not to make the same mistake of going with this company as I did.

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Best price for moving and storage in the test 2023 (10)

Highland Alice, ENverified appraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: March 31, 2019

We contacted Right Way Movers, 1800 Pembrook Dr., Orlando, FL. and I talked to **. We reviewed our inventory over the phone and **were given a quote of $6,700 for a move. After taking inventory of the phone, I called him back** with about 10 additional items that we had missed, but he didn't add them because he had "upped the estimate by 10%" so no worries. We were not informed that our work would be outsourced.

When Best Price Moving and Storage showed up at our door, they took a quick look and said the move would cost $18,000, almost triple the estimate we got. They claimed it would take more than their 26-foot truck. I immediately called ** and he told me to let them put our stuff in the truck so we wouldn't lose our $2000+ deposit, for which he had demanded a check instead of letting us use a credit card (that was smart! ;) To make matters worse, he said "as long as your belongings match the stock, you can get them for the originally quoted price." But mind you, he never added the extra items I called to tell him. The Best Price people then told me that I could sign that I would pay $15,000 as a flat rate, it didn't matter if our stuff would fit in a truck. Thank God we at least had the foresight to fire them.

We now have an estimate from another mover that looked at the house and the estimate was around $10,000, which is within reason. It was clear to us that they were ripping us off because they **should have sent different change instead of insisting on how we would lose our deposit if we didn't let them load the truck. Besides, think how bad it could have been if we let them go... Then we'd be their hostages. STAY AWAY FROM ORLANDO'S RIGHT WAY MOVING AND THE BEST PRICE ON MOVING AND STORAGE.

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Best price for moving and storage in the test 2023 (11)

Laura de Montpelier, OHverified appraiser

Original Review: June 28, 2018

We called Colonial Van Lines, they gave us a quote over the phone, mistake. Little did we know that we would get a moving and storage subcontractor at the best price. They didn't show up when they said it was actually more than a day late. He never showed up until 7:30 p.m. m. Friday nights. We had to find someone to stay at our house so we could drive 34 hours to get to work on Monday. They entered the house and soon said that we had a lot of things and that it would be double. $2400 now costs us $6100.00. We had a delivery window of June 11-26. Now they tell us from the 2nd to the 4th of July. It scares me to see how damaged things are or if we get them. Please do not use this company. We didn't have time to investigate and we're sorry. Imagine being in a strange city with nothing but an air mattress. I will file a claim and seek legal advice when our belongings are finally handed over. They really are a POS.

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