How to pay with a Rooms To Go credit card: online, by phone or by mail (2023)

How to pay with a Rooms To Go credit card: online, by phone or by mail (1)

If we tell you that you can buy high-quality furniture and pay for it over time, would you believe us? Well you should! Because a Rooms To Go credit card lets you do just that.

Buying furniture is usually on the higher end of the price scale. Therefore, buying it requires adequate financing. This is where the use of Rooms To Go credit cards comes into play.

The Rooms To Go credit card issued by Synchrony Bank makes it easy to buy furniture. You can buy any piece and divide it up and pay the cost over time. In addition, the Rooms To Go credit card offers small monthly fees and special offers.

Now, might you be interested in knowing more about Rooms To Go credit cards such as login, registration and payment?

Advantages of the Rooms To Go Credit Card

The Rooms To Go credit card is the best way to finance your furniture purchase. It offers many benefits such as:

  • no annual fee
  • Hassle-free monthly payments
  • they offerprivate discount offersyou can enjoy after registering.
  • You can make a purchase without making any payment until50 monthson purchases priced at $599.99 or more.
  • Prior knowledge of special events (such as a sale)
  • Five different payment options: in-store, online, over the phone, by mail and via a mobile app.
  • Easy online access tomanage your credit card

To use:After the promotional period ends, Rooms To Go charges an APR of 29.99%.

Online account access

The most beneficial feature ofRooms To Go Credit Cardis its simplicity and online access. You don't have to worry about payments, credit limits or bills. With access to the Rooms To Go online account, you can monitor andmanage your accountanywhere anytime.

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Now check your balance, make a payment, increase your credit limit or request customer service, all just a click away!

followthese stepsTo access your Rooms To Go credit card:

  1. go to officialsite webdo Synchrony Bank.
  2. click inaccessin the top right corner to proceed to the login page.
  1. Then enter yourUser nameyPasswordto log into your account. click on theremember usernamecheckbox if you are a regular user.
  1. Now click on theaccessbutton to access your account.

Rooms To Go credit card login

You can visit the Synchrony Bank website to log in and manage your account, make payments and take advantage of discounts.

To use:you must register your Rooms To Go card online before making a payment.

online registration

Registering for the Rooms To Go card is a lengthy process consisting of four steps: account lookup, verification, profile setup and confirmation. Follow this guide to register your Rooms To Go account online.

  1. On the login page doSite web MySynchrony, Click inI want to register.
  1. Noaccount searchsection, enter youraccount number,Most recent SSN numbers, youDate of birth, youContinue.
  1. You will now move on to the next check.
  2. Here, your personal and contact information is verified. introduce theverification codesent by the company by email or mobile number.
  3. Once verified, press the buttonContinuebutton to continue with step 3, i.e.profile settings.
  4. now select oneUser nameyPasswordto your profile that is unique to you. Your username must not be associated with any other Rooms To Go credit card holder.
  5. Also, update thephone number,email address, youBank account details.
  6. Now, go to the last step,Confirmation. click inConfirmafter filling and verifying all your information.

Forgot your password

If you forgot your password, we are here to help.

  1. On the login page, click the buttonI forgot my passwordoption.
  1. insert yourUser name,last 4 SSN numbers, youDate of birth,and clickContinue.
  1. Retrieve your forgotten password and log in to a new account.

I forgot my User ID

The User ID is the most important credential for logging into your account. Follow these steps if you forgot your username.

  1. click noI forgot my usernameoption on the login page.
  2. insert youraccount number,Last four digits of the SSN, youDate of birth,and click onContinuebutton.
  3. Retrieve your forgotten username or get a new one.

Rooms To Go credit card services

Rooms To Go Credit card statement Payphone

To pay RTG credit card bills over the phone, simply call Rooms To Go Credit Card Customer Service at1-866-396-8254. Your representative or automated system will guide you on how to pay.

Rooms To Go credit card payment address

Another form of payment is by mail. You can send payment by check or money order with your payment receipt to the Synchrony Bank address. The address is as follows:

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Rooms To Go / Synchrony Bank


Orlando, FL 32896-0061

Customer service hours

In addition to paying bills, you can also call the Rooms To Go credit card customer service number (1-866-396-8254)for consultations and assistance. Your customer service isavailable 24/7.

How to pay the Rooms To Go credit card?

In line

The Rooms To Go credit card allows you to make one-off payments of up to 12 months into the future.

  1. Go to the MySynchrony login page.
  2. insert yourUser nameyPasswordand clickaccess.
  3. click nobill paymentoption.
  4. fill in yourbank account numberybank routing number(check with theTAB tool) in the designated space.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to make the payment.

How to pay with a Rooms To Go credit card: online, by phone or by mail (2)

pay as guest

If you forget your username or password and need to make a payment, don't worry.

Follow these steps to pay as a guest:

  1. On the "Login Page", click the buttonpay as guestoption at the top.
  2. Enter the required personal and bank information and tick the checkbox sayingI'm not a robot,and clickfind account.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the payment.

by phone

You can also make your payment by phone at Rooms To Go Credit Card customer service:1-866-226-5638. The Synchrony Bank representative will ask for the last digits of yourCPF, bank account,yroute numberPlease note that Synchrony Bank charges a fee for making payments over the phone.

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By post

You can also send your payment via checks and money orders. Follow these steps to send your payment:

  • Write the amount to be paid on the check and the name of the bank (Synchrony Bank).
  • Attach proof of payment.
  • Mail Synchrony Bank to the address listed:

Rooms To Go/ Synchrony Bank


Orlando, FL 32896-0061

To use:Also include the Rooms To Go credit card coupon. If you don't have one, write your account number on the check/money order to avoid problems.

Through the mobile app

The Rooms To Go credit card also offers an integrated online payment method through the Synchrony Bank mobile app. It is available for both Android and iPhone. This is how you can pay your bill through the app:

  1. open theMySynchrony appIn your cellphone.
  2. Log in to the app by typing yourUser nameyPassword.

Note: Registration is required for online account access before logging into the app.If you haven't registered yet, tapRecordat the bottom and follow the prompts.

3. Now open theaccount summaryEyelash.

4. After uploading the account statement, themake a paymentThe button will appear on the screen.

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5. Follow the prompts to complete your payment.

How to avoid fines for late payments?

Synchrony Bank charges up to$35 late feesif you fail to pay the due payment on the due date.

The only way to avoid late fees is to pay the minimum amount due before the due date. If you make your payment online, please note that processing can take up to 48 hours. Also, the bank suggests sending your payment 7-10 days before the due date if paying by mail to avoid late fees.

common questions

Who uses Rooms To Go for funding?

Rooms To Go uses Synchrony Bank for funding and Synchrony Bank provides the card. Therefore, you should contact Synchrony Bank for online payments, assistance and inquiries.

Does Rooms To Go check credit?

If that happen. You can mail your checks with postage and invoice to the Synchrony Bank mailing address. the direction isRooms To Go/ Synchrony Bank, P.O. Box 960061, Orlando, Flórida 32896-0061.To writeyour accountnumber on the check to avoid any hassle.

What credit score do you need for Rooms To Go?

You can apply for a Rooms To Go credit card with a fair credit score. Heminimum credit scorefor the Rooms To Go credit card it is 630. You can check if you pre-qualify for the credit cardhere.

How does the Room To Go credit card application work?

The Rooms To Go credit card has a simple application process. You can apply with fair credit score and get your application approved same day.Go to RTG Credit Cardsite weband clickfull apprequest thecredit card.


In short, you don't have to wait for annual sales to buy furniture. With the Rooms To Go credit card, you can buy furniture with easy payment and financing offers. It's a great tool formanage your financeswhile shopping for furniture. Enjoy discounts, comfortable installments, variable payment methods and much more!


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How do I pay my Rooms To Go credit card by phone? ›

Rooms To Go Credit Card Bill Pay Phone Number

To pay RTG credit card bills via the phone, just call the Rooms To Go Credit Card customer service at 1-866-396-8254.

Can I pay my credit card by mail? ›

Before you make the call, make sure you have the bank account number of the checking or savings account from which you'd like to have the payment deducted. You can even mail your credit card issuer a paper check.

How do I pay my credit card directly? ›

You can make your credit card bill payment through various online and offline ways. Online methods include payment through mobile application, internet banking, mobile payment wallet, NEFT/RTGS, IMPS, etc. Offline methods include payment through ATMs, physical visit to the bank branch, customer care, etc.

How do I pay my synchrony credit card online? ›

Pay Without Log In is a simple, fast and secure way to make same-day Synchrony credit card payments online—without logging in.
On the log in page, tap the Pay Without Log In button and then:
  1. Select your payment amount.
  2. Select your payment method.
  3. Review and authorize your payment.

Can you pay with credit over the phone? ›

Credit card transactions that you make over the phone have the same protection as those you make online or in person at a store. The law limits cardholders' liability to $50 under the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) for any unauthorized transactions on your account so you will want to make sure you report them.

Can you pay via credit card over phone? ›

Yes, and many people actually prefer it. Over-the-phone payments are especially good for business when: You have a remote or delivery-based business where the customer doesn't visit you or your store in-person.

How do I pay by mail? ›

How to Send Money Securely Through the Mail
  1. Sending money through the mail comes with a lot of security risks. ...
  2. Never, ever send cash through the mail. ...
  3. Rather than sending a check, send a money order. ...
  4. Send a cashier's check. ...
  5. Use indelible ink. ...
  6. Send a restricted check.
Sep 2, 2020

How do I send a payment by mail? ›

The safest way to send money through the mail is with a money order. This offers more security than cash, as it's only payable to a specific person and can be cancelled and reordered if it is stolen or lost. It's also better protected than a check, as it isn't linked to a bank account.

How long does it take to pay a credit card by mail? ›

It takes 1 to 3 business days for a credit card payment to post to your account if you pay online or by phone. Payments by mail will take a few days longer. If your credit card is linked to your checking account and both accounts are from the same bank, your payment may post immediately following the transaction.

How can I pay with credit card without a machine? ›

Instead, many prefer to use electronic wallets like Google or Apple Pay, or pay for purchases using their credit or debit cards.

How can I use my credit card without a physical card? ›

When you visit a store in-person, check to see if the retailer accepts digital wallets. Most point-of-sale (POS) terminals — what a store uses to process credit card payments — have a small sticker indicating if contactless payments are allowed. Then, just hold your phone to the terminal and wait for a beep.

How do I scan and pay with my credit card? ›

Select the 'Scan to Pay' icon. Scan the QR code or enter Merchant ID manually (In case of multiple cards, select the desired SBI Card with which you would want to make the payment) Enter the amount and select the 'Pay' button.
  1. Visa or Mastercard Credit Card from SBI Card.
  2. SBI Card Mobile App.
  3. A smartphone with Camera.

How do I pay my synchrony bill by mail? ›

You can also mail in a Synchrony credit card payment. For store credit cards (also called “private label” cards), send a check or money order to: Synchrony Bank / P.O. Box 960061 / Orlando, FL 32896-0061. For Visa cards and Mastercards, send payment to: Synchrony Bank / P.O. Box 960013 / Orlando, FL 32896-0013.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Synchrony Bank? ›

Synchrony Bank's class-action lawsuit compensation method states that each consumer who sues will receive a reasonable percentage of the total money owed to Synchrony Bank.

How do I pay my synchrony MasterCard? ›

You can make a Synchrony Premier World Mastercard® payment online, by phone, through the Synchrony Bankmobile app or by mail. To pay a Synchrony Premier bill online, log in to your online account and click on “Make Payment.” Then, choose how much to pay, when to pay it, and where the payment is coming from.

How do I make a payment over the phone? ›

Much like buying something online, you need the following details:
  1. Your registered billing address.
  2. Your delivery address (this might be different to your billing address)
  3. The long number on the back of the debit card.
  4. The 4-digit expiry date.
  5. The CSV number (the 3-digit code on the back on the signature strip)

How can I pay with phone? ›

Set up a payment method for contactless transactions
  1. Open the Google Wallet app .
  2. At the top, tap the card you want to use. You may need to swipe to find it.
  3. Check the message above your card: “Hold to reader" . Your card is ready to tap and pay. “Card not set up” .

What is the best way to pay by phone? ›

  1. Google Pay. Best for Android Users. Jump To. ...
  2. Cash App. Best for Buying Stocks and Bitcoin. Jump To. ...
  3. PayPal. Best for Shopping online. Jump To. ...
  4. Zelle. Best for Instant Bank-to-Bank Transfers. ...
  5. Apple Pay. Best for Purchases on iOS and Mac. ...
  6. Samsung Pay. Best for Contactless in-Store Purchases. ...
  7. Venmo. Best for Paying friends.

What card details do you give to pay over the phone? ›

Your full credit card number. Your name as it appears on the card. The card's CVV (card verification value) or security code. The expiration date on the card.

Is it safe to mail a check or pay online? ›

Mailing a check in the United States via regular mail is quite safe. Numerous checks move through the mail every day, including many of the payments made through online bill payment services. Banks sometimes send those payments electronically, but they often print a check and drop it in the mail.

What is a mail order payment? ›

A Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) transaction is a card-not-present transaction where the shopper provides you with their order and payment details by regular mail (not email), fax, or telephone. By passing on these data to you, the cardholder gives you permission to process the transaction.

What is mailed check payment method? ›

The Mail My Check payment method is used when a buyer intends to send a check to the organization for a purchase that is made. This payment method is handled exactly like the Bill Me payment method in that an order is created with the full balance due.

How do you send a payment order? ›

How to Send Domestic Money Orders
  1. Decide on the money order amount. ...
  2. Go to any Post Office location.
  3. Take cash, a debit card, or a traveler's check. ...
  4. Fill out the money order at the counter with a retail associate.
  5. Pay the dollar value of the money order plus the issuing fee.
  6. Keep your receipt to track the money order.

What is the most secure way to send a payment? ›

Cash carries zero risks of identity theft. The downside to cash is that no one feels particularly safe carrying a large amount of cash around, and if that cash is lost or stolen, it's gone – unlike credit or bank cards, which can be replaced and fraudulent charges disputed.

What is payment mailing address? ›

Payment Address means the office of Holder or such other place as Holder may from time to time designate by written notice to Borrower.

How many days does it take for a online payment to go through? ›

While electronic payments are faster, they're not instant. It can take one to three business days for an online or phone payment to post to your credit card account and reflect in your available credit.

How long does it take to process a credit card payment online? ›

Typically, you'll be able to use the funds one to two (1-2) business days after you make your payment. For example, if a payment is made before the cutoff time on Thursday, the funds will be available on Friday.

Do you have to wait for credit card to come in mail before using it? ›

Even though your application process may result in an instant decision, usually credit card issuers will require you to wait until you receive the card in the mail before you begin using it. The wait for your new card can often be 5 to 7 business days.

What is Synchrony Bank phone number? ›

Can I pay my Rooms To Go bill with a debit card? ›

Rooms To Go Credit Options

Use our official credit card and benefit from low monthly payments, promotions and convenient financing options available*! We accept payments from American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa credit or debit cards.

How do I pay my credit card bill at a hotel? ›

Take the consumer's card account information and confirm the room rate and location. Then provide a reservation confirmation number. If the reservation is made by phone, you should also provide the confirmation number and cancellation procedures in writing (via email).

Can I pay my synchrony bill with a debit card? ›

Pay with your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover debit card, with Apple Pay, or with your bank account.

How do I make a payment to Synchrony Bank by mail? ›

You can also mail in a Synchrony credit card payment. For store credit cards (also called “private label” cards), send a check or money order to: Synchrony Bank / P.O. Box 960061 / Orlando, FL 32896-0061. For Visa cards and Mastercards, send payment to: Synchrony Bank / P.O. Box 960013 / Orlando, FL 32896-0013.

Does closing a Synchrony account hurt your credit? ›

Bank account information is not part of your credit report, so closing a checking or savings account won't have any impact on your credit history.

Can you use a debit card instead of a credit card for a hotel? ›

Paying for a hotel with a debit card

The hotel may place a hold on your debit card, but the money isn't withdrawn from your account until checkout. It may not offer you some of the benefits of paying for a hotel with a credit card, but feel free to use your debit card.

Where can I use my room to go credit card? ›

The card can only be used at Rooms to Go.

Does Rooms to Go have a grace period? ›

Info about Rooms To Go Credit Card has been collected by WalletHub to help consumers better compare cards. The financial institution did not provide the details.
Rooms To Go Credit Card's Additional Info.
cash advance feeN/A
max penalty APRNone
grace period23 days
5 more rows

Can you pay for a hotel online with a credit card? ›

The easiest way to pay for a hotel booking online is by using a credit card. You will need a credit card number to make a reservation online, and you can use that card to pay for the hotel deposit or the full price of your stay. Pay with PayPal, if you want to use

Can I give my credit card number to hotel? ›

Yes, you should never include your credit card details in an email to a hotel - they are not secure. Yes, most hotels do require a deposit to secure your booking but you do not necessarily have to use your credit card to pay this. There are other options like bank transfer and paypal.

What is payment method in hotel? ›

What are the most common payment options for hotels? There are many common payment options for hotels, but the most common ones are credit card, debit card, cash and now more and more, mobile payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. For online tour operators or third party sites, PayPal may also be common.

Can I use my Synchrony credit card on anything? ›

Most Synchrony credit cards are linked to a store and can be used for purchases in that store only. If your card has a Visa or a Mastercard logo, you can use it anywhere.

Can I withdraw money from my Synchrony credit card? ›

Access to your cash

Synchrony Bank offers an optional ATM card to its savings account holders that gives you unlimited access to withdraw your money at an in-person ATM. When you use your ATM card, you can make unlimited monthly withdrawals at an ATM (up to $1,000 per day).

Where can I make a Synchrony payment? ›

Payments can be made directly on the Synchrony Bank website, via the Synchrony app, or over the phone by calling Synchrony Bank at 866-396-8254.


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