LeafFilter Review (2023) – Does it really work? (2023)

Read our LeafFilter report for details and insights into the company's quality, reputation, and installation process.

amanda lutz February 13, 2023

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LeafFilter Gutter Protectoris one of the most popular providers of gutter protection systems on the market. Since 2005, the company has made a name for itself with its three-part micromeshgutter protection system. But how does it work? Is it the right choice for your home?

After extensive research, analysis of thousands of customer reviews and secret buys from the most popular brands, we have selected LeafFilter as one of thebest gutter protectoraccessible.

Quick facts about LeafFilter

Advantages and Disadvantages of LeafFilter

Compare the pros and cons of installing LeafFilter gutter protectors in your home:


  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Offers new gutter installation
  • Realize detailed and convenient installation


  • It includes a series of limitations in the guarantee.
  • Common complaints cite deceptive sales tactics

LeafFilter gutter protection system

leaf filtergutter protection systemsimultaneously uses two of the most efficient approaches: micromesh and surface tension. Your three-part microgridgutter protection systembusy toosurface tensionto push water out through your gutters while pushing dirt away. Micromesh gutter guards are similar to screen guards with a compact design that blocks out even the smallest debris and clogs. The company also places its gutter guards flush with your roof so they are barely visible once installed.

Leaf Filter Costsaverages $15 to $45 per linear foot for both materials andprofessional installation. The total cost of a LeafFiltergutter protection systemIt depends on how many stories your home has, what line footage is required, and whether you need downspout or gutter repair services. The price may also vary depending on the color chosen. Color options include white, gray, brown, and beige.

leaf filter

LeafFilter Review (2023) – Does it really work? (3)


Product specifications

Read more about LeafFilter gutter protectors below:

  • micro-mesh: Guard is made from 275 micron surgical grade stainless steel mesh that is designed not to rust or erode over time. This design is so compact that it has enough surface tension to draw water through it. LeafFilter also claims that its microscreen is so fine that it protects gutters from pollen and gravel.
  • uPVC frame: LeafFilter's protection uses a uPVC frame that will not warp or bend over time. This frame gives the gutter guard a built-in slope so it can be installed flush with your roof.
  • Concealed Structural Hangers: LeafFilter uses hidden hangers in your gutter to attach your gutter cover to your header. This method keeps the gutter guard from being an eyesore and provides added strength and stability.

installation process

The installation process with LeafFilter is simple and convenient. First you call the company, provide brief information about your home and request a free, no-obligation offer. A LeafFilter contractor will then come to your home to assess your specific needs. This evaluation includes the measurement and inspection of your existing gutters. After the inspection, you will receive a personalized quote from LeafFilter, which is valid for a whole year.

During installation, a local team of professional gutter contractors will clean existing gutters and install new gutters if necessary. The team will prepare your existing gutters by making sure they are on the correct slope, show no signs of damage, and are properly sealed and aligned. After preparing your gutters, LeafFilter Protectors are installed in your gutters using concealed hangers.

The equipment removes all installation waste, such as screws and other materials. This process can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day, depending on the size of your household.

Maintenance and cleaning

(Video) A REAL LeafFilter testimonial - you owe it to yourself

Your LeafFilter Guard should require little maintenance and cleaning. Although heavy downpours can leave residue on LeafFilter gutter covers, you can wait for them to dry and fall off on their own. However, since the guard has a built-in slope, you can also use a blower or broom to remove dirt from the gutter guard. Check the condition of your LeafFilter Guard annually or any time you experience inclement weather for an extended period of time.

Defects can also occur. That's why LeafFilter offers their Lifetime Transferable Warranty and 100% Money Back Guarantee.

LeafFilter Warranty

LeafFilter's manufacturer's warranty is lifetime and transferable. However, we have listed some of the key limitations that LeafFilter includes in its warranty below:

  • The warranty does not cover damage to gutters,fascia boards, roof substrate or surfaces caused by the installation of the LeafFilter products themselves.
  • The warranty is void if the LeafFilter product is damaged due to structural changes, such as roof adjustments, adjacent trees or plants, or uncontrollable natural phenomena.
  • The warranty is void if thegutter guardmodified or altered from its original installation or measures taken to restrict or restrict the flow of water through the gutter system.
  • The warranty does not apply if you have an unreasonable number of downspouts that may limit the water-carrying capacity of the gutter system and cause an overflow.
  • The warranty is limited to single-family homes and single-family homes in apartment buildings.
  • LeafFilter assumes no responsibility for accidental damage caused by ice dams or ice flows.
  • LeafFilter reserves the right to review and validate warranty claims. Buyer is responsible for notifying LeafFilter within a reasonable time of discovery of any suspected defect and for providing a written explanation of the defect. LeafFilter may request additional information, including photographs, and request an on-site inspection.

LeafFilter Reviews

LeafFilter enjoys an overall positive reputation across its 87 locations. For example, when we analyzed the 84 most recent Google reviews of LeafFilter's Sacramento, California office, we found that about 77% gave the company four stars or more, praising its thoroughness.installation processand sense of professionalism.

The most critical reviews pointed to confusion surrounding the deals and higher-than-expected prices. However, LeafFilter responded to all the positive and negative reviews, stating that the company'sCustomer serviceis open to communication and help.

(Video) Leaf Filter Gutter Guards: Don't Over Pay, Negotiate! @DmitryLipinskiyRI

Some customers also criticized LeafFilter's gutter cleaning advertising. Although the guards greatly reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning, they still require maintenance every one to two years.

Check out some of the reviews below that we've scrutinized for yourself:

Our gutters were old and didn't work right. LeafFilter replaced and added gutters, downspouts, and [bezels] around our home. You did a good job! Our gutters are efficient and aesthetically pleasing.– Naomi Allen via Google Reviews

leaf filterinstall theleaf filtersystem to my gutters. The [representatives] were very professional and easy to talk to. The installer did an excellent job installing the filter system. No more climbing roofs for me.—Kenneth Bradford via Google Reviews

I received an offer for $10,000 (originally $12,000 before "discounts" were applied) for 241 feet of gutter guards. As if that wasn't ridiculous enough, a few days later I got a text saying they were offering "employee" pricing. Today they changed their offer to $3,645 for cash [transactions].. – Mitch Mitchell via Google Reviews

LeafFilter employed deceptive sales tactics, stating "lifetime warranties" when selling, but then refusing to provide warranty documentation until the job was complete. Only after final completion of the work and payment is the customer informed that the "lifetime warranty" only applies to actual equipment failure and that there is only a one-year labor warranty, which is obviously longer. likely in case of system failure labor than hardware failure.—Chris Page via Google Reviews

our recommendation

LeafFilter Gutter Protectoris one of the top picks for gutter and gutter protection services with relatively high customer ratings on Google Reviews. The company's three-piece micro-mesh design is aesthetically pleasing and easy to install professionally. In addition, the company is thoroughinstallation processMake sure your existing gutters are in good condition before installing guards. Financial support800-940-4391for a free quote.

We recommend getting at least three quotes from different gutter guard providers in your area. If you live in a frozen and snowy region, you might find this othergutter guardare more suitable for you. For example,All American gutter guardsoffers heating elements in itsgutter guardto combat ice dams, while LeafFilter does not.

frequent questions

Get quotes from Gutter Guard installers near you

Answer a few simple questions and we'll take care of the rest.

How We Selected the Best Suppliers of Gutter Guards

We have researched and reviewed dozens of gutter guards and gutter guard companies. We then formulated a rating system based on the various important factors of each gutter protection service. Factors include the types of gutter guards offered and their quality, color customization, warranty length and limitations, and additional features such as heating elements.

We spoke directly with a representative from each company and saw how each gutter guard company customizes their installation process for homeowners. We also determine if the company guarantees its offer for a certain period of time so that customers have time to make an informed decision.

We rank each provider based on their Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​rating to determine reputation. Additionally, we looked at the 100 most recent Google reviews for each provider at different locations and offices.

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What does Consumer Reports say about LeafFilter? ›

The top rated products were micro screen gutter guards — LeafFilter and GutterGlove Pro. LeafFilter was rated the top “professionally installed” gutter protection system and GutterGlove Pro was rated the top “do-it-yourself” gutter guard. The truth is, both systems are professionally installed systems.

Does the LeafFilter really work? ›

We rated LeafFilter a 90 out of 100 and consider it to be one of the best gutter companies of 2023. LeafFilter's patented 275-micron steel mesh design and lifetime, transferable warranty make it a solid choice for your gutters.

What is the downside of LeafFilter? ›

Disadvantages of the LeafFilter GutterGuard

Heavy amounts of rainfall will not be able to filter through the mesh and continue through your gutters but instead run down the side of your home and down to the base eliminating the entire purpose of a gutter system, let alone a gutter protection system.

Is there a class action suit against LeafFilter? ›

LeafFilter agreed to a class action lawsuit settlement to resolve claims that leaves, twigs, pollen and other buildup can accumulate on its gutter filter system.

What is the #1 gutter guard? ›

Mesh and micro-mesh gutter guards are similar to screen guards but feature a compact design that blocks more debris, including smaller debris such as pine needles. They require professional installation, especially micro-mesh. Mesh and micro-mesh gutter guards are widely considered the most effective guards.

Does LeafFilter ever get clogged? ›

Round 2: Performance. LeafFilter: LeafFilter comes with a no-clog guarantee, which sounds great. What the manufacturer doesn't tell you is that, while your gutters won't clog, LeafFilter's flat shape allows debris and leaves to build on top of the gutter screen. Your gutters won't clog…

Do leaf filters work in heavy rain? ›

Yes, LeafGuard gutters have been tested and can handle up to 32 inches of rain per hour, which is over three times the heaviest rainfall ever recorded by the US Weather Bureau.

Is there a downside to gutter guards? ›

Gutter Guards can dent and lose some of their effectiveness, so avoid posting a ladder against your gutters during cleaning or when putting up seasonal lights & decorations. If not cleaned as needed, the added weight of build-up on your gutter guards may cause your actual gutters to sag.

What is the average cost per foot for LeafFilter? ›

LeafFilter costs around $15 to $45 per linear foot, on average, for both materials and professional installation. The overall cost of a LeafFilter gutter guard system will vary depending on how many stories your home has, the linear footage required, and if you require downspout or gutter repair services.

Can you negotiate price with LeafFilter? ›

An important point of note: Once you receive your free gutter quote, don't be afraid to negotiate for a lower price. In their LeafFilter reviews, some customers have reported paying less than the company originally quoted. This suggests the company leaves itself room to negotiate when calculating its prices.

Does LeafFilter block pine needles? ›

LeafFilter offers a micro-mesh gutter guard system, the most efficient kind on the market. Its three-piece design has tiny holes that block pine needles and small debris like pollen and shingle grit from entering your gutters.

Does LeafFilter install gutters as well? ›

LeafFilter will install completely new seamless gutters at the time of your installation. As the best gutter guard on the market, we ensure that no debris or clutter of any kind infiltrates your gutters, leaving them clog-free for life. This will also eliminate any potential water related damage.

Are leaf gutters worth it? ›

Deciding whether to install gutter guards is a matter of weighing an upfront expense against long-term benefits. For homeowners looking to protect their homes, save their time and cut down on regular gutter maintenance, the answer is pretty simple: Installing gutter guards is worth it.

Do leaf guard gutters work in heavy rain? ›

Can LeafGuard Gutters Handle Heavy Rain or Downpours? Yes, LeafGuard gutters have been tested and can handle up to 32 inches of rain per hour, which is over three times the heaviest rainfall ever recorded by the US Weather Bureau.

Does Matt Kaulig own LeafFilter? ›

Matt is the Founder & Board Member at Leaf Home, the parent company of LeafFilter, Leaf Home Safety Solutions and Leaf Home Water Solutions.

What is the highest rated gutter system? ›

The company that tops our best gutter guards of 2023 list is Gutter Helmet due to its excellent rain resistance, 100% gutter compatibility and best-in-class warranty.

What should I look for when buying gutter guards? ›

Look for gutter guards that sit flat in the gutter and is not visible from the ground. It will work on both shingle and metal roofs and won't have to fit under the shingles. 4. A gutter guard should allow you to visually inspect the inside of your gutter by simply looking in.

Can I buy LeafFilter and install myself? ›

No, you can't buy LeafFilter and install it yourself. LeafFilter is a full-service company, and the quote you receive includes the materials and installation cost. Additionally, LeafFilter products must be installed by a certified professional to qualify for the transferable lifetime warranty.

Why are leaf filters bad? ›

While it may prevent leaves and larger debris from infiltrating your gutter, smaller items like twigs and pine needles can still slip through the barrier. Over time, these sticks can accumulate, and soon enough, you'll find yourself with a dam that's blocking water from flowing through the canal.

How does LeafFilter hold up in winter? ›

LeafFilter™ sits on top of internal hidden hangers in the gutter system, which keeps snow and ice out of your gutters. The internal hidden hangers provide unparalleled strength to handle the weight of snow and ice.

Which is more expensive leaf guard or LeafFilter? ›

LeafGuard is more expensive than LeafFilter because you must replace your existing gutter system. Although LeafFilter offers partial or full system replacement in extreme cases, typical installations only require installing its gutter guards on existing gutter systems.

How much rain can LeafFilter handle? ›

LeafGuard separates itself from many gutter guard companies with its one-piece system. Its aluminum gutter guard is supported every two feet along your existing system and filters up to 32 inches of rain per hour.

Whats the difference between LeafFilter and leaf guard? ›

LeafGuard and LeafFilter's gutter guard systems both protect your home from sticks, leaves, and other debris, though LeafFilter's micro-mesh design is better for small debris such as pine needles.

What is the average price to install gutter guards? ›

Installers charge per linear foot of gutter guards plus fees and labor. With the average home requiring about 200 linear feet of materials, the average cost for gutter guard installation is between $900 and $2,000.

Can gutters get clogged with gutter guards? ›

The best brands can still cause your gutters to be blocked even if they keep them free from debris. Gutter guards will not prevent everything from getting in so they don't prevent the need to clean your gutters. They can make it more costly to clean your gutters when necessary.

What are the problems with leaf guard? ›

Leaf guards aren't 100% protective from debris and dirt. Debris often follows water into covered gutters, and wet debris is difficult to get rid of. Moss, algae, and lichen can grow, especially in wet settings. Curves and angles get dirty and clog your gutter.

Is LeafGuard worth the money? ›

Our Recommendation. If efficiency and longevity are your primary concerns, LeafGuard is an excellent pick for your gutter guard system. Its gutter guard withstands heavy downpours, and its reverse-curve design helps the guards remain durable against large debris such as tree branches.

Does LeafFilter give free estimates? ›

Start your FREE no-obligation estimate — good for one full year! By submitting this form, I agree to the Leaf Home Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as to receive SMS and calls about my projects. “We don't have water damage anymore. LeafFilter took care of that problem.”

Who owns LeafFilter? ›

In 2005, owner and founder Matt Kaulig started LeafFilter Gutter Protection from his home's basement. Fast forward to today, his thriving company has grown from one small office in Hudson, Ohio to multiple offices across North America.

Which gutter guard is best for pine needles? ›

Micro-mesh is the best type of gutter guard for pine needles. This type of gutter guard consists of fine stainless steel or vinyl mesh that can block not only pine needles but also dirt as fine as sand while still allowing water to pass through.

Does LeafFilter go under shingles? ›

Asphalt shingles, metal, or tile.

What type of gutter guard is best for pine needles? ›

Mesh and micro-mesh gutter guards are best for pine needles and other small debris because they have tiny holes or no openings in the top. Guards with larger holes allow pine needles to slip through.

Does LeafFilter increase home value? ›

The choice to install gutter guards on your existing gutter system can add value to your home and ensure the long-term protection of your roof, foundation, and surrounding landscaping.

Do I need gutters around my entire house? ›

Whether you need gutters around your entire house depends largely on the size of your house, as well as how many slopes you have dividing it. Properly installed rain gutters are highly effective, so it is often not necessary for gutters to run along the entire structure. That being said, it depends on your home.

What is better than gutters? ›

Top 10 Best Gutter Alternatives for Your Home
  • Drip Edge. Most homes have a drip edge whether or not they have gutters. ...
  • Drip Path. Drip paths are another great alternative to gutters. ...
  • Underground Rain Chain. ...
  • Above-ground Rain Chain. ...
  • Ground Gutters or French Drain. ...
  • 6. Box Gutters. ...
  • Yard Grading. ...
  • Rain Dispersal System.
Oct 19, 2022

Do you need gutter guards with 6 inch gutters? ›


What are the best gutters for heavy rain? ›

When it comes to gutter styles, K-style gutters are undoubtedly the most effective for environments with heavy rain. They can hold exceptionally more water than half-round gutters, especially when they are 6” wide!

Do LeafGuard gutters cause ice dams? ›

If the gutter guards are not strong enough to withstand this weight, they will buckle into the gutter system creating an obstacle. When this happens, an ice dam forms and causes potential damage to the home. Reverse curve gutter covers quickly freeze on the top and in the opening of the nose of the guard.

What happens when gutters are full of leaves? ›

Though clogged gutters can create problems like stained woodwork and foundation deterioration, leaves trapped in your gutters can damage your roof. Frozen wet leaves will act as an ice dam, causing rainwater to back up in the system. And when water backs up, it will push up underneath your shingles.

What does Matt Kaulig do for a living? ›

Matt Kaulig is the Executive Chairman of the Kaulig Companies Limited, his single member family office. Matt is a proven entrepreneur and philanthropist as defined by his founding of Leaf Home™, one of the largest direct to consumer home products companies in the United States and Canada.

Who competes with LeafFilter? ›

LeafFilter's competitors and similar companies include Anhui Conch Cement, Carborundum Universal, Tecnoglass and Kibing Group. LeafFilter manufactures, sells, and installs gutter guards for homeowners.

What are the cons of leaf guard gutters? ›

Why Gutter Guards Are Bad
  • Why Gutter Guards Are Bad. ...
  • Gutter guards still require maintenance. ...
  • They don't do what's advertised (well). ...
  • Your problem may not be debris but moss and algae. ...
  • They put a strain on your roof. ...
  • Unbeknownst to many, gutter guards aren't made for the winter. ...
  • All in all, they are costly.
Sep 9, 2020

Is Leaf Guard worth the money? ›

Our Recommendation. If efficiency and longevity are your primary concerns, LeafGuard is an excellent pick for your gutter guard system. Its gutter guard withstands heavy downpours, and its reverse-curve design helps the guards remain durable against large debris such as tree branches.

Does LeafFilter work in heavy rain? ›

LeafFilter Gutter Guards

The micro-mesh material that LeafFilter installs on the top of your home's existing rain gutters will keep debris out, is resistant to corrosion, and can hold up even in a downpour situation.


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