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Nowadays, many people want to have their own meat grinder, but due to the many options available in the market, it is a rush to know which one to choose and leave. But with the existence of LEM meat grinder brands, you can no longer regret. Lem products are the best and most popular grinders to meet your kitchen needs.

In particular, the main reason for the invention of LEM was to save energy and time when preparing ground meat for sausages and other dishes. So, based on my research, you can agree that the LEM grinder is the most affordable option for many consumers. Therefore, if you intend to get the best, then the Lem 8 meat grinder reviews will be your best guide in making a decision.

Lem 8 meat grinder reviews

If you intend to look for a meat grinder then you should get the Lem product. Why only from Lem? Good question. Lem produces meat grinders suitable for both commercial and home use and capable of helping the user achieve fantastic results. In this LEM meat grinder review, we will review one of the best LEM products to make the right decision when buying.

LEM Products W779A Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric #8- Meat Grinder (.35-HP)

Lem meat grinder 8 reviews | 0.35 hp - honest mills (1)

This large LEM product stainless steel electric meat grinder is the best size mincer suitable for grinding deer. It's fast and capable of grinding about 7 pounds in a mine. The brand presents the motor housing in stainless steel composed of steel and metal gears that have bearings with high resistance handle responsible for its easy movement.

Also comes with a permanently lubricated 110V motor, stainless steel 3/8 coarse and 3/16 fine grinding plate, three filling tubes of 1.½ and 1-3/8 respectively, meat grinder and a stuffing plate. In addition to the above features of Lem products, the Stainless Steel Bide Electric Meat Grinder also carries a 5-year limited lifetime factory warranty to help customers in case of difficulties in operation or damage.

The product comes with ETL certification to UL standard certificate and is lightweight as it weighs 36 pounds. The presence of unique technology in this model helps the auger to take a big bite of the meat while moving it to the mincer head quickly compared to the rest of the mincers.

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Also, with the Lem product, you can grind large pieces of meat quickly without necessarily cluttering up your machine. This makes it suitable for use by many homeowners. The company is very passionate when it comes to processing innovation.

The product also features a new serrated design head with advanced big bite technology, which plays a vital role in delivering a superior second grind, virtually eliminating trampling and improving the blade's refill function. This brand is by far the best, and many users swear by its relatively longer five-year warranty.

Consequently, the Lem product today has greatly simplified the work at home, as it facilitates the grinding of meat. Typically, the company offers very high quality equipment for meat processing, jerky making, meat grinders and vacuum sealers with the necessary supplies for meat processors and home hunters.

The products are crucial for use by everyone from restaurants, butchers and other homeowners that are used to make delicious sausages, jerky and other delicious meat products. Furthermore, the Lem product ensures that they have strict control over the healthy content of the food you provide to your friends and family.

Before the company delivers any product to consumers, it first ensures that it has conducted proper and recognized research based on an individual consumer's need, while also translating it into products that save hunters money and time.

He toomeat grinder is useful for many restaurants and huntersIntroducing a powerful vacuum sealer that is essential enough to handle the regular sealing required by all anglers. In addition, the model is made up of slicers and dehydrators made for those refrigerators that like to prepare fine and dry meats.

So whether you need a sausage filler, meat grinder, slicer, seasoning, casing, food storage, freezer storage solutions and dehydrators, Lem Company always offers high quality products that you will still love. Usually, the main objective of this company is to guarantee the supply of quality products, which makes food preparation fun and easy.

In addition, they guarantee customer service with a guarantee of satisfaction, as well as the provision of end-to-end services. Let us now look at the feature of previous LEM #8 meat grinder reviews as highlighted below.

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Featured Resources

  • induction motor
  • Capacitor with a start and run button
  • ETL certificate
  • 110 volt motor
  • hole in the head
  • five year lifetime warranty
  • roller bearing
  • metal equipment
  • circuit breakers
  • a meat beater
  • two stainless steel filler plates
  • stainless steel knife
  • sturdy fist
  • three filling tubes

Lem meat grinder 8 reviews | 0.35 hp - honest mills (2)


  • It's a perfect size for grinding deer
  • fast grinding at a rate of seven pounds in one minute
  • Sturdy strap facilitates natural movement
  • has a five-year limited lifetime warranty, making it useful for motivating customers
  • the presence of big bite technology allows the auger to crush a big bite of meat and quickly move it to the mincer head
  • does not clog the machine when grinding meat
  • Fluted head design provides superior second grind and improves sausage filling function
  • makes meat processing at home easy and simple
  • The company provides high-quality equipment, so it lasts a long time.
  • The extensive search allows the user to obtain products of their preferences.
  • powerful vacuum sealer ensures anglers get the regular seal they need
  • excellent customer service with guaranteed satisfaction


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  • it is heavy making it difficult to move from one place to another

Common questions

Q: Where are LEM meat grinders made?

A: Lem product is usually an e-commerce company in West Chester; They provide very high quality meat processing with jerky making tools and supply to hunter and any other home processor at cheap price.

Q: Are Lem grinders any good?

A: The unit grinder is very heavy, which is obviously a crucial aspect, meaning the metal is likely to last for a long period of time. After removing the chopper head, meat pan or auger, the chopper weight is reduced by about 10 pounds, making it easier to handle.

Q: Where can I get LEM pie filling?

A: LEM is a special type of lemon filling that is available at nearby stores and other stores. It is usually different compared to regular pie filling.

Q: What is a jerky gun for?

A: The Jerky Gun's heavy-duty system often handles ground beef like a charm. Using the lean meat gun, load the seasoned ground beef into the barrel and immediately toss in the flat strips of beef jerky. The barrel is capable of holding about 3/4 pounds of meat. Then you can use the oven to dry the gun for about two and a half hours.

Can I wash the Lem grinder parts in the dishwasher?

Lem grinder parts are dishwasher safe. The abrasive discs are made of stainless steel and are top rack dishwasher safe. Be sure to remove any large pieces of food from the discs before placing them in the dishwasher.

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The other parts of the grinder are also dishwasher safe. However, it is important to clean any food residue from the mill housing and motor shaft. This can be done with a damp cloth.


Having gone through ourLEM 8 Meat Grinder Reviews, we hope that you have gained enough information to be able to make the right decision in selecting the best one. However, due to the varying number of meat grinders on the market, we recommend that you choose the best device that provides longevity and robust performance.

Lem meat grinder 8 reviews | 0.35 hp - honest mills (3)

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