Review 2023 Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S: Good all-season tire for the money - (2023)

Review 2023 Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S: Good all-season tire for the money - (1)





winter snow








In general



  • Good braking and acceleration traction in wet conditions
  • Solid response and linear steering
  • Very smooth ride on most surfaces
  • Good traction in light snow
  • One of the cheapest all-season "good" touring tires
  • Excellent tread durability and exceptional wear guarantee for the price


  • It can get really noisy at higher speeds, especially as it wears out.
  • Competition from Michelin, Continental and General offers better traction and dry handling
  • He does not successfully cope with deep snow and ice.

Young people may not be familiar with the name, but the Tiger Paw was one of the most popular tires when muscle cars were all the rage.

Notably, the first generation Pontiac GTO used Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires as an OEM fit and was even referred to as "The Tiger". At the time, Uniroyal was owned by the United States Rubber Company, one of the top three tire manufacturers in the 1960s.

Today, however, only the name Pata de Tigre remains, but Uniroyal has almost nothing to do with that company. Instead, Michelin owns the brand and uses it for its budget offerings in the US and Canada.

However, if you are from Europe, the Uniroyal you are going to buy will have nothing to do with the North American brand; there, it is owned by Continental AG, and its scope is very different.

The most popular tire in the Uniroyal lineup today is the Tiger Paw Touring A/S, an all-season touring offering designed for regular touring cars. The modern tiger's paw is nota high performance tire, however, and you won't find it in any modern muscle car.

Gone are the days when Uniroyal was competitive in the higher tire segments; Today, the brand focuses on delivering good all-around performance for the lowest value.

Of course, this resonates very well with the average North American tire buyer who wants maximum performance and durability on a tight budget.

However, the all-season touring category today is full of great tires at low prices; models like himGeneral AltiMAX RT43, Cooper CS5 Gran Turismo,Kumho Solo TA11, youYokohama AVID Ascend LXdominate the economy tire market with world-class performance and durability.

Now, the Tiger Paw Touring A/S is a little cheaper than these tires, but that means it's also a smaller tire. I will answer all your questions in my depthUniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S Review, where I'll cover all aspects of the tire, including durability, performance, comfort, and price. Let's dig!

What are the maintenance specifications and indicators?

The Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S comes in 85 different sizes, ranging from wheel diameters from 14 inches to 20 inches.

So Uniroyal covers a wide range of cars on the road today, including subcompact cars, compact cars, midsize cars,mini vans, compact and midsize crossovers, and even some coupes.

In particular, Uniroyal offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in the category, meaning there will likely be a size to suit your car in the range.

The Tiger Paw Touring A/S does come with some special gauges to help you monitor tread depth. This is not a major disadvantage, as most all-season tires are the same, although some models, such as theRecorrido continental TrueContactand General AltiMAX RT43, provide a clearer visual indication of remaining tread depth.

Still, the Tiger Paw Touring A/S at least comes with industry-standard tread wear indicators (TWIs), which are narrow bars of rubber that are embedded in the tire's circumferential grooves.

These bars are 2/32 inches (1.6 mm) higher than the bottom of the grooves; therefore, when the tread reaches 2/32 inches deep, the TWIs are flush with the surface.

At this point, it is highly recommended that you immediatelyreplace your tires. After extensive testing, it is generally considered that a tire with a tread depth of less than 2/32 inches will not be able to successfully channel water, creating dangerous aquaplaning when it rains.

I would still recommendchanging these tiresbefore, especially if you plan on using them throughthe winter. Whenit's about snow, your tires must have at least 5/32 inches (4 mm) of tread depth to provide safe traction.

Unfortunately, you won't know when the Tiger Paw Touring A/S hits 5/32 of an inch unless you use a tread depth gauge or ask your tire tech.

On the plus side, the Tiger Paw Touring A/S is among the most durable rides on the market.all season tires out there. Apart from some rare cases when the tread separates from the tire, the owners are very satisfied with the durability of these tires.

On top of that, Uniroyal offers a 75,000 mile tread wear warranty on H speed rated sizes and a 65,000 mile tread wear warranty on V speed rated sizes, both exceptional for the price

So if you're concerned about getting the most miles out of your tires at the lowest possible price, the Tiger Paw Touring A/S is one of thebest optionsout there.

Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S features and performance

The Tiger Paw Touring A/S doesn't feature any innovative technology, but it's not what you'd expect for the offered price.

The only proprietary Uniroyal feature employed in the tire is Tru-Last Technology, which focuses on optimizing the contact patch for longer tread life and even wear.

That said, let's dive into the tire's design and see how it handles everyday driving situations through our testing on different types of terrain.

1. Dry grip and traction

Review 2023 Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S: Good all-season tire for the money - (2)

Like most all-season touring tires, the Tiger Paw Touring A/S features a continuous center rib to improve steering response and increase cornering grip.

However, the higher sip density compared to most all-season touring tires does not work well with performance in dry conditions, and the Tiger Paw Touring A/S is nowhere near the class-leading tyres. in traction and grip in general.

Stopping distances are considerably greater than those achieved with premium tires, but also with competitive products from General and Cooper, according to our dry road test.

Also, handling is below average compared to these tires, with less lateral grip and less acceleration traction out of a corner.

However, while not perfect, the Tiger Paw Touring A/S is still good enough for a daily driver, especially for the price.

Of course, a Michelin or Continental tire will give you more grip and traction, which will help in some situations, but for most driving conditions, the Tiger Paw Touring A/S will be completely fine.

Just make sure you don't rely on it for exceptional driving dynamics if you own a sports sedan or coupe, and you'll be fine!

2. Feeling of direction and direction

Thanks to that continuous center rib, the Tiger Paw Touring A/S feels pretty responsive for a touring tire. It's not as sharp as a performance tire, but it's still pretty good for the category.

the directionIt's also very linear, with a good feel of center and excellent straight-line tracking.

That is, you will take advantage of this tire on longer trips, as you will be able to keep your vehicle in a straight line with ease.

3. Wet grip, traction and braking

Review 2023 Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S: Good all-season tire for the money - (3)

The Tiger Paw Touring A/S employs a symmetrical pattern with full depth grooves on each tread block and four circumferential grooves.

As a result, the tire can easily dissipate a lot of water from the tread, improving theseaplaneresistance significantly. Therefore, it will not lose stability in heavy rain, even whendrive at higher speeds.

According to our wet test, the tire continues to impress under hard acceleration: longitudinal traction is excellent.

Braking distances are also quite short, and your vehicle will feel safe when cornering.

In general, this isan excellent rain tirefor the category, providing its owner with sure-footed traction and an easy-to-drive nature.

4. Is it good for winter?

Review 2023 Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S: Good all-season tire for the money - (4)

unlike someother all season tires, the Tiger Paw Touring A/S features zigzag grooves on the outer tread blocks along with regular grooves on the inner tread blocks.

And according to our snowy road test, it works great.good in light snow– longitudinal traction is very good, which means you will get good acceleration and braking performance. You will also be able to drive your car easily without sudden movements.

Although,deep snow and icecan become a problem for this tire; under these conditions, the tire simply refuses to cooperate with the driver. doesn't work eitheron icy roads, where grip and traction are dangerously low.

Comfort and road noise

UnirealIt says that this tire's symmetrical tread pattern is specifically designed to reduce road noise, but I didn't notice that in my testing.

The Tiger Paw Touring A/S is noisier than most of its competitors, with a winch that easily penetrates the cab.

Fortunately, the ride quality isexcellent at smoothand broken asphalt - the tire handles the smallest and largest stains with ease.

You can see more reviews of Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S here: Video created by Joey Kerle

Should I buy the Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S?

Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S is one of the most affordable all-season touring tires from well-known manufacturers, which makes it very attractive for buyers.

However, it is not a flawless tire: the noise performance should be better and I would like an increase in traction and dry grip.

Furthermore, the premium competition outperforms Tiger Paw Touring A/S in nearly every measurable category.

Still, you really can't complain too much at this price: for the money, this is one of the most successful all-season tires around. So if you're looking for an inexpensive all-season tire, you should definitely check out the Tiger Paw Touring A/S!

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