Should you buy treason at House on the Hill? (2023)

With Halloween just around the corner,Betrayal at Hill HouseIt's a wonderful party game (or a gift) to play with your friends. It's a frightening experience for 3-6 players, with great replay value and an ever-changing gameplay experience. But the price of ~£ 44,99 ($ ​​54)no joke, so is it worth buying? Let's see.

How easy is it to learn Betrayal at House on the Hill?

Betrayal at Hill Houseit's a surprisingly easy game to learn and explain. Each player takes on the role of a character from a group that finds itself in a haunted mansion. You explore the mansion until the ghost starts, then read one of the 50 scenarios and find out if one of you is the traitor (or all of you are).

The game is surprisingly simple to pick up and we've never had a problem with new players understanding the rules and being instantly immersed in the atmosphere.

When it's aboutrepeatability, Betrayal at Hill Houseit's hard to beat. Here is a list of resources that help with this:

  • map blocks– the map builds as you discover the mansion with room parts. It helps you to create different layouts with each new game.
  • 50 different scenarios- also known astorments, each of them has a different story and goals. Not everyone has a person who betrays the party, so you can never be sure whether your game will be cooperative or competitive in the end. Some make the group work against unknown threats or give each person their own goal to win. Needless to say, each game will be unexpected and different!
  • scenario cards– First introduced in the Scooby Doo spin-off (yes, really), Scenario Cards enhance the atmosphere and help you avoid running into the same old haunts.

When it's aboutTallafrom the game area, a standard dining table is sufficient to seat the players. The map builds as you move around the mansion, so you can easily place it in the player space and change things around as needed. There are few decks of cards and tokens that not everyone needs access to draw, so you can put them wherever you like (even store them in the box). The player's area doesn't need to be that big, as it has a character dial with statistics and some cards that you'll collect along the way.

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How much is Betrayal at House on the Hill? Is the price worth it?

Betrayal at Hill House costsaround £45 on Amazon UK (or $35 on Amazon US), which is a reasonable price for a game with so many blocks, cards, and replayability. That means you get around £0.90 ($0.70) per scenario. Most game sessions play 1 scenario, which would take an average of 2-3 hours (time varies depending on the number of players, their familiarity with the game and their location), so you can easily get hundreds of hours of gameplay with Betrayal . Some scenarios aren't quite as good as others - some have poor writing or not-so-engaging mechanics, but the sheer number of them still makes the game worthwhile, as most of the time, if you're faced with a worse-quality scenario, that it's probably the only time you'll ever play it.

Overall, when it comes to price, we think the game is great value for money! If you have a version in mind, you can stop here and look for a copy. But there are many versions to consider, so let's look at them.

Which version of Betrayal at House on the Hill should I buy?

If you've walked into a board game store, you've probably seen so many versions of Betrayal that you just don't know which one to buy, and it can be quite confusing. Even if you haven't seen it, it's worth knowing that there are so many versions out there that you can choose the best one for you! To help with that, here's a quick overview of what's in each box:

Different editions of Betrayal at House on the Hill

If this is your first time purchasing a game from this series, we recommend purchasing the latest edition of Betrayal from House on the Hill. Once you've tried most of the phantoms, it's worth buying an older edition as well, as they have different settings.

You can easily identify the different editions by the box art.

Betrayal at Hill House: 3rd Edition

recommendedfor people new to the game and people who already own previous editions, as it has different scenarios.

Betrayal at Hill House: 2nd Edition

recommendedto buy if you finishBetrayal at Hill House: 3rd Editionand I want to play more scenarios.

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Betrayal at Hill House: 1st Edition

It is highly unlikely that you will see it in stores as it isis no longer printed.

To recommendonly buying as a collector's item.

More betrayal!

Once you have a main game, you can get some expansions or spinoff games to have more scenarios. Some of them make wonderful gifts!

Betrayal in House on the Hill: Widow's Walk

Betrayal in House on the Hill: Widow's Walkis an expansion pack for Betrayal 2nd edition. It introduces more scenarios, parts and mechanics, which are later adopted in the 3rd edition of the game, but unfortunately the 3rd edition is not backwards compatible.

Betrayal in House on the Hill: Widow's Walk requires main game(Betrayal at Hill House)to play. Weto recommendonly get it if you already have the second edition and want to get more scenery.

legacy of betrayal

Himlegacy of betrayalit's a bit different from other Betrayal games as you follow a story. It has three chapters, where you play a family. It has more story and is great for dedicated players, but not so much for random groups. like himLegacyAs its name suggests, Betrayal Legacy brings continuity to its subsequent games. Rewards players who have played the game before with named relics that benefit you more if they have your name or just knowing where you can find specific items.

recommendedfor players who are familiar with bothBetrayal at Hill Houseand fans oflegacy games.legacy of betrayalit is aindie gameand does not require you to purchase the base game.

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Betrayal at Baldur's Gate

HimBetrayal at Baldur's Gateit is aDungeons and Dragonsgame edition. It has different settings, characters, miniatures and parts, and is set in the fantasy city of Baldur's Gate, a favorite of tabletop and video game players. It's also a little less horror and more fantasy themed, so if someone at your table isn't into horror, this is a good alternative.

Recommended for fantasy lovers and the perfect gift for Dungeons & Dragon fans.Betrayal at Baldur's Gateis also aindie gamewhich does not require the main game.

Betrayal at the Mysterious Mansion

HimBetrayal at the Mysterious Mansionit is a¡Scooby Doo!derivative game forBetrayal at Hill House. You play characters from the famous Scooby-Doo TV series, explore a mansion in search of clues, encounter strange occurrences and monsters. The lair starts here when you've found enough clues and one of the players switches sides to play the monster. comes with25 new episode-based locations. For families and fans of the series, Betrayal at Mystery Mansion is the way to go.

Betrayal at the Mysterious Mansionis a fun and kid-friendly family board game.Betrayal at the Mysterious Mansionit is aindie game.

Aplicativo complementar para Betrayal at the House on the Hill

While you can play without the app, the companion app is great for setting the mood and helping you keep track of all the different ghosting effects. Since Betrayal can literally become a different game every time you play it, it's definitely worth checking out, unless you enjoy reading rulebooks.

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Conclusion about the betrayal at the house on the hill

Betrayal at Hill HouseIt's great value for money and we recommend it for board game beginners and veterans alike. It's a great game for families with teenagers, horror parties, or just casual game nights.


3 - 6 players

setup time

10 minutes

game time

23 hours




Any version of Betrayal you come across will offer hours and hours of replay value, and if you're into board games and there aren't any on your shelf, we'd definitely recommend picking up your favorite variant ASAP.

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  • A ton of replayability
  • Some scenarios are really good.
  • quick setup
  • easy to learn


  • Some bad quality board parts
  • Some scenarios are not so good
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game settings


gameplay and fun


Product quality and rules




Ranking System Review Explained

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Should you buy treason at House on the Hill? (10)

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Is Betrayal at House on the Hill Fun? ›

Without that unpredictability, Betrayal at House on the Hill wouldn't be nearly as fun as it is. This is a horror game, and it's one of the very best in the genre. It has become known in many gaming circles as the best board game to play during the Halloween season because of the way it captures that horror feel.

Is Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Edition worth it? ›

Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd edition is still not a perfect game, but it's improved on many of the last version's biggest issues. It remains a loveable, randomised horror romp – but one now made more approachable, slightly more balanced, and much prettier.

How do you win Betrayal at House on the Hill as the traitor? ›

End of the game and how to win

The heroes win the game if they successfully complete all their objectives with at least one hero still alive. If all the heroes perish, they lose the game automatically. The traitor wins the game if they complete all their objectives - or if all the heroes die.

Does Betrayal at House on the Hill have expansions? ›

The expansion added 20 new room tiles, creating an additional floor (the roof) for gameplay, plus 30 new cards and 50 new haunts. The expansion was designed by Mike Selinker, who was a developer on the original game, as well as Elisa Teague and Liz Spain.

Is Betrayal at House on the Hill replayability? ›

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a (mostly) co-op board game with tons of replayability, and it's rarely this cheap.

Is Betrayal at House on the Hill like D&D? ›

Last week, Wizards of the Coast reimagined their classic horror game Betrayal at House on the Hill in a Dungeons & Dragons high fantasy setting. Back in 2004, Betrayal captured the curiosity and fear that comes with crawling through a haunted mansion with mechanics that brilliantly mirrored its horror theme.

Is Betrayal at House on the Hill hard to learn? ›

How Complex is Betrayal at House on the Hill? So, as we can see, Betrayal at House on the Hill and Catan are almost on par, with 50.2% of users rating Betrayal as “Medium Light”. Chess is the most difficult, and Monopoly (it may not surprise you) is the easiest.

Can you steal omen cards in Betrayal at House on the Hill? ›

Unless specifically mentioned, i consider omens as separate from items. However, for the purpose of stealing from attacks etc, omens are potential targets unless they specifically say they can't be stolen.

How many endings does house on the hill have? ›

Multiple Endings: The game has four different endings, depending on which path in the house you're taking. However, the game has two "official" endings, which are only unlocked until after the four different storylines are completed.

Is the traitor considered a player in Betrayal at House on the Hill? ›

No, the word Heroes in Betrayal at House on the Hill only ever refers to players that are not the traitor. The game uses 3 different terms to refer to players: Explorers: All players of the game, this covers both before the haunt begins and after it has started.

Can the traitor pick up items? ›

All their items and omens can be collected by any survivors or the traitor.

Can you use weapons to defend Betrayal at House on the Hill? ›

If you win by 2 or more, you can choose to steal an item instead of dealing damage. We generally consider Omens to be items after the Haunt starts, so, you can take those too. It's a good time. You can't use weapons when defending an attack.

Can the Dog steal items in Betrayal at House on the Hill? ›

It can pick up, carry, and/or drop 1 item before it returns. The Dog isn't slowed by opponents. It can't use one-way passages or rooms that require a roll. It can't carry items that slow movement."

What does widows walk add? ›

Widow's Walk comes with a few new components to play with. First, there are the new room tiles. 20 in all and it also includes a new floor, the roof landing, leads to and from the upper landing. Any room that can be placed on the upper floor can also be placed here.

What game has the most Jumpscares? ›

14 Horror Games With The Most Heart Attack-Inducing Jump Scares, Ranked
  • 8 The Evil Within 2.
  • 7 Alien Isolation.
  • 6 Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul.
  • 5 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.
  • 4 The Exorcist: Legion VR.
  • 3 Condemned: Criminal Origins.
  • 2 The Outlast Series.
  • 1 Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
Jun 19, 2021

What is the top 1 scariest game? ›

1. Outlast. Outlast is honestly so terrifying, it makes Amnesia: The Dark Descent look like a sun-soaked vacation. Players control a journalist who sneaks into a remote psychiatric hospital to investigate reports of horrific events.

Which is better Betrayal at House on the Hill? ›

If you love Betrayal at House on the Hill, you'll love Third Edition. If you want to experience Betrayal, then play Third Edition. Just be sure to give the Widow's Walk expansion for the Second Edition a try, if you can. Buy Betrayal at House on the Hill: Third Edition on Amazon UK.

How many people play Betrayal at House on the Hill? ›

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a tile game that allows players to build their own haunted house room by room, tile by tile, creating a new thrilling game board every time. The game is designed for three to six people, each of whom plays one of six possible characters.

Can you defend with the spear in Betrayal at House on the Hill? ›

Just a reminder, the spear doesn't help for defense, only attack. If you don't possess the Crystal Ball when you attack or defend against your Evil Twin, you lose 1 additional point in each of your traits, regardless of who defeats whom. If your Evil Twin defeats you, you also take damage normally.

What to play after Betrayal at House on the Hill? ›

Games like Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • Betrayal at Baldur's Gate.
  • Dead of Winter (The Long Night – Since that is the version we have in our collection)
  • Arkham Horror.
  • 7 Wonders.
  • Fallout: The Board Game.
  • Descent: Journeys in the Dark.
  • Gloom.
Feb 17, 2020

Can you play Betrayal at House on the Hill with more than 6 players? ›

Hasbro Gaming Avalon Hill Betrayal at The House on The Hill 3rd Edition Cooperative Board Game, Ages 12 and Up, 3-6 Players, 50 Chilling Scenarios.

Can you play Betrayal at House on the Hill with 4 players? ›

Avalon Hill Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Edition Cooperative Board Game, for Ages 12 and Up for 3-6 Players.

How long does it take to play betrayal? ›

Betrayal Legacy is a cooperative, exploration game for 3-5 players which plays in about 90-120 minutes and is best with 4-5 players.

Can monsters use the mystic elevator? ›

* Monsters and traitors can both use the Elevator to go wherever they wish without rolling. However, the elevator may only be moved once during each entire traitor/monster set of turns, the first time a traitor or monster enters it.

Can you trade omens in betrayal? ›

They can drop the Omen, trade the Omen, use the Omen while they are alive, but if they die it just simply dissapears from exsistance. Basically if they are alive and drop it, then that's okay and they stay on the board; but if they die they go in the discard pile forever lost for that match.

Can pickpocket gloves steal omens? ›

The rules call out which omens can't be stolen. So I'd say the gloves would work. If you want, you could stick with the ITEM wording on the glove and say OMENS are special and the gloves don't work on OMENS but would work on scenario and regular items (perhaps the gloves are magical?) 2.)

Do you still get omen cards after the haunt? ›

The player who starts the haunt is the haunt revealer. After the haunt starts, if you discover a tile with an Omen symbol, you still draw and keep an Omen card, but you don't make a haunt roll.

How do you get the good girl ending in house? ›

Ending 2 - Good Girl

In order to achieve this ending, Tabby must kill everyone in her family. This includes Lisa, Melody, the Cat, Dolly, and the Rat.

How do you know who goes first betrayal of house Hill? ›

The first turn always starts with the player to the traitor's left and goes clockwise (further away from the traitor). Each of the heroes gets a hero turn.

What does insides ending mean? ›

The meaning is not entirely known, although many theorize that this either represents the protagonist being freed from the player's control (breaking the fourth wall in a sense), or that the cable being unplugged has freed every albino from being mind controlled (similarly hinting that the player is controlled as well) ...

Who is the traitor got telltale? ›

Royland is first seen in the Great Hall, revealed to be the Whitehill's traitor. Royland will be the traitor if Duncan is your sentinel.

Does the music box affect the traitor? ›

The traitor is absolutely affected by the music box. The traitor only gets to ignore harmful text on room tiles, any event cards, and the Bite omen. Everything else, including items, still affects them.

Can you move after attacking betrayal? ›

Or once per game, period? Attacking does not stop movement. However if you are in the same square as an enemy, you must pay X+1 movement to get out of the room, where X is the amount of enemies. You can always move at least one square a turn however.

How many dice do you need to roll a haunt roll? ›

Each time a player draws an “omen” card, they have to make a “haunt roll”: they roll six dice and add them up; if the total is less than the number of omen cards that have been drawn, the haunt begins.

Do robbers target houses with dogs? ›

"Research shows that 'occupancy cues' like dogs are major deterrents in attempts to burglarize homes," says K. Campbell, a certified protection professional. "In fact, the research reveals that dogs of any size are effective.

Do dogs steal in the dark experiment? ›

Results show that dogs steal significantly more food when it is dark compared to when it is light. While stealing forbidden food the dog's behaviour also depends on the type of illumination in the room. Illumination around the food, but not the human, affected the dogs' behaviour.

What is a sanity roll? ›

This is a roll that you actually want to fail. If you succeed on the check, then that means your character fully understands the implications of what they have seen, and temporarily goes insane as a result.

Can monsters use the dumbwaiter? ›

Within the Traitor's Tome, it states the Werewolves (nor the dog) cannot use the elevator. In the new rule book for the Widow's Walk expansion there is only a small description of the dumbwaiter and how it's used, but it never states monsters cannot use it.

How do you make a haunt roll? ›

Making a Haunt Roll

Before the haunt starts, you must roll 6 dice at the end of your turn each time you draw an omen card. This is called a haunt roll. If you roll less than the total number of omen cards all players have drawn this game, the haunt starts.

Is Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Edition compatible with Widow's Walk? ›

Widow's Walk is an expansion for the 2nd Edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill and won't be fully compatible with the 3rd Edition.

Is Betrayal on house on the Hill hard to learn? ›

So, as we can see, Betrayal at House on the Hill and Catan are almost on par, with 50.2% of users rating Betrayal as “Medium Light”. Chess is the most difficult, and Monopoly (it may not surprise you) is the easiest. An interesting fact is that most people actually play Monopoly wrong.

Is betrayal a good game? ›

Betrayal is one of those board games that is exceptionally better when the players approach it in the right way. The inclusion of scenario cards is not new to the Betrayal series, having made their debut in the Scooby-Doo-themed spin-off Betrayal at Mystery Mansion, but their inclusion here is appreciated.

Is Betrayal at House on the Hill easy? ›

The books make it seem like there are a lot of rules, but as the others have shown, it really is quite simple. The only time it gets a bit tricky is when the traitor is revealed. The person who becomes the traitor must be able to read and understand the changed mechanics.

Is Betrayal at House on the Hill for kids? ›

Hasbro Gaming Avalon Hill Betrayal at The House on The Hill Second Edition Cooperative Board Game, Ages 12 and Up, 3-6 Players, 50 Chilling Scenarios.

Is Betrayal at House on the Hill good for kids? ›

That said, it's not the most family-friendly game. The box says it's good for ages 12 and up, as young children probably wouldn't cope well with a game that literally tests their sanity. That seems to be why Avalon Hill made Betrayal at Mystery Mansion, a streamlined variant that uses Scooby-Doo to lighten things up.

Can a 13 year old read The Haunting of Hill House? ›

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, parents should be warned it's probably not the best entertainment for young children. According to the U.S.-based non-profit organization Common Sense, “The Haunting on Hill House” is suitable for teenagers over 16 years of age and contains “mature” themes.

Why is betrayal so damaging? ›

Betrayal hurts because someone you love and care about chose to hurt you. When you have put such a large emotional investment into a person and only for them to turn around and cause you suffering, you feel as though you lost a part of yourself. This feeling of heartbreak is normal for a short duration.

Are there any breaking bad games? ›

Players build their own drug empire under the wing of the show's two main characters, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Criminal Elements was loosely based on a previous attempt to bring a mobile game to market called Breaking Bad: Empire Business. The game released in June 2019 for both Android and iPhone.

Is there romance in the betrayed? ›

In the first book, Hollis “falls in love” with King Jameson, only to then fall in love with Silas (after a few days of knowing him). She breaks off her relationship with the king, flees the castle and marries Silas.


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