The 5 Best Fancy Cat Foods - July 2023 - Best Reviews (2023)

From cozy beds to enticing toys, most cat owners just can't resist spoiling their pets. At the top of the list of ways to make cats happy is to give them food they can't resist. That's why Fancy Feast cat food has become a fan favorite among cats and their loving owners. But there's more to Fancy Feast than just the cat-friendly taste. Cat owners will appreciate the variety and nutritional value as much as their pets will love this gourmet cat kitchen.

Fancy Feast offers both dry and wet cat food in a range of cat-approved flavours, formulas and textures. The brand also makes appetizers, fillet slices and treats with broth that can be offered to kittens as treats to complement their usual meals. Kitty varieties are also available, so there's a Fancy Feast food for just about any cat, young or old.

With so many delicious cat food options out there, choosing a Fancy Feast strain for your beloved pet can be confusing. Fortunately, BestReviews is here to clarify your options. Find out everything you need to know about Fancy Feast cat food.

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Fancy Feast cat food is made by Purina, one of the most popular and trusted pet products. High-quality animal feed has been produced here for more than 90 years.

Important considerations

Why Fancy Feast cat food?

If you are a cat owner, you know that the choice of cat food seems almost unlimited. Choosing a brand and formula can therefore be daunting. Plus, your cat ultimately has a say, because if Fluffy doesn't eat the food you've chosen, your quest continues. There are many good reasons to choose Fancy Feast cat food for your pet, including flavors that most kitties cannot resist.

Fancy Feast is made by Purina, a trusted brand in the pet food market. Fancy Feast cat food is high in protein and important vitamins and minerals. The brand's collection of cans includes numerous flavors, recipes and textures. And with multipacks of canned flavors, your cat can try different flavors. ManycatsIf you are quite picky when it comes to eating dry food, you can go straight to Fancy Feast dry food for cats. Best of all, for a gourmet cat food with an enticing taste, Fancy Feast is reasonably priced.

Dry vs. wet cat food

Cats enjoy crunchy food and can't wait to dive into a bowl of fresh wet food. Fancy Feast offers both, and each has pros and cons. Here are some factors about both types of cat food to help you decide which is best for your cat.

Dry cat food: dried animal feedhas several advantages compared to wet cat food.

  • Good for dental health:Chewing the crunchy pellets can help cats remove tartar that can lead to gum and tooth problems.

  • Easy to store:Dry food can be stored fresh in the bag it comes in or placed in a pet food storage container for easy access. Unused canned goods must be stored in the refrigerator after opening.

  • Better for free feeding:It is not a good idea to eat canned food becausecatstend to eat it quickly and overeat.

  • Better if you're on a budget:Canned food is more expensive than dry food, so feeding your cat dry food will save you some money. And if you have multiple cats, feeding them only canned food can quickly add up to costs.

Wet food for cats:Canned food has several advantages compared to dry food.

  • Good option for older cats:It is especially good for those who have difficulty chewing.

  • Provides essential moisture: catsThey need a healthy amount of water each day for their kidneys to function properly and to keep them hydrated. Canned food can contain a high percentage of water (up to 78%), which supplements the water a cat drinks daily.

  • Good for picky eaters:Picky cats may prefer wet food. The moist texture, rich flavor and intense aroma of canned food make it hard for cats to resist, even for those who are normally picky about their food intake.



As mentioned above, Fancy Feast cat food is available in dry and wet formulas, with a few variations to consider in each category.

Dried pet food:This is available in regular gourmet recipes and natural ingredients that do not contain artificial ingredients.

canned food:Unusual festivallecturer-The food comes in several flavors, including classic recipes, medleys with cuts of meat and vegetables, savory centers with broth-filled centers, and natural ingredients with no artificial additives. You can also find canned food that is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of kittens.

Appetizers and fillets:These are soft yet chewy and are ideal as a topping for kibble or the occasional treat.

bouillon:In addition, Fancy Feast also makes broth, which is a combination of meaty bites and rich juice, ideal for an occasional treat or to complement kibble.


It goes without saying that dry cat food is crunchy, but Fancy Feast's wet food varieties come in a variety of textures.

Paste:It has a soft, almost creamy texture.

Boden:This is similar to pie, but slightly coarser.

Schnitzel:These are small, thin pieces of meat or vegetables that are easy to chew.

Medleys:These are made of thick pieces that look like the food people eat.

bouillon:These have a liquid consistency with medium pieces of meat and vegetables.

Combination:Many Fancy Feast flavors consist of a combination of paté or ground beef mixed with savory sauce.


Fancy Feast cat food also caters to cats' different taste preferences. You will find that there are both dry and canned varieties in seafood, tuna, salmon, chicken, trout, shrimp, turkey, vegetables, beef or a combination of several tasty flavors.

The 5 Best Fancy Cat Foods - July 2023 - Best Reviews (3) The 5 Best Fancy Cat Foods - July 2023 - Best Reviews (4)

Did you know?

Some Fancy Feast wet foods and toppings contain chunks of fish and even whole shrimp, making them an excellent choice for cats who love the taste of seafood.


Best ratings


A few essential accessories will ensure that your cat's meals go smoothly.

Cheers:Catit Double Diner Katzennapf

With two bowls and a stylish base, the Catit Double Diner has everything your cat needs to eat and drink. The removable bowls are dishwasher safe and made of stainless steel, which is durable and prevents bacterial growth. Choose between a pink or white base to match your decor.

Spoon:Dexas Pet Popware Collapsible KlipScoop

It's a scoop for serving dry pet food and a clip for keeping a bag of food fresh all in one. The KlipScoop has an innovative design that opens to reveal a measured scoop. When folded, the clamping mechanism fits securely over the dry food bag and keeps out air that can cause loss of flavor. It's a unique device that can make your cat's meal a little easier.

Feeder:Arf Pets automatic food for pets

If you plan to feed your cat Fancy Feast dry food, an automatic feeder can take the guesswork out of daily feeding. Simply add the dry food to the device, set it to suit your cat's portions and it does the work for you. In addition, it is versatile because it runs on batteries or with the supplied power cord.

"Do you have a picky cat? Any cat owner who has tried Fancy Feast cat food knows how tempting it is for most cats. That's why the brand's wet or dry formulas are worth a try if your cat isn't as easily satisfied with others marks."


Best ratings

Fancy Feast cat food prices

The price you pay for Fancy Feast cat food depends on the type and quantity you choose. Remember that Fancy Feast cat food is often on sale and prices may vary.

Dry:Fancy Feast bags of dry cat food come in a variety of sizes. Bags weighing 3 to 3.4 pounds cost about $7 to $10; 7-pound bags range from $12 to $16; 12-pound bags range from $15 to $24; 18 pound bags cost about $35 to $38.

Nass:You can find Fancy Feast wet food in 3-ounce cans. Boxes of 12 cans range from $9 to $12; Boxes of 24 cans are $20 to $30; Cases of 30 to 45 cans range in price from $18 to $35.

bouillon:Broth comes in 1.4 ounce bags. Bags come in quantities of 12 to 16 for $12 to $18.

Fillets:Packages of 6 to 10 fillets range from $12 to $20.

Starters:These tempting toppers come in multi-packs of 10 and retail for around $8-$12.


  • Be consistent.If you switch to Fancy Feast cat food and your cat's diet already consists mostly of canned or dry food, you must continue to feed the same type of food.

  • Don't give up if your cat doesn't like the first flavor she tries.Both dry and wet Fancy Feast foods come in a variety of flavors. So it's easy to offer different varieties until you find one that your cat prefers.

  • Choose convenience.Dry food is not only less messy to feed than wet food, it is also suitable for free feedingKatcan return to the bowl to eat throughout the day. You can always add some Fancy Feast wet food to the dry food to keep your cat's diet interesting.

  • treat your catIn addition to delicious food, Fancy Feast also makes a range of treats that cats love. Choose between crunchy, chewy or a combination to reward your fur baby or just because.

  • Try grain-free food.Some Fancy Feast wet foods and treats do not contain grains in their ingredients.

The 5 Best Fancy Cat Foods - July 2023 - Best Reviews (5) The 5 Best Fancy Cat Foods - July 2023 - Best Reviews (6)

Did you know?

Fancy Feast cat food is 100% nutritionally complete and contains a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals, so you can be sure you are feeding your pet this quality brand.


Best ratings

Other products we considered

Whether your cat nibbles on the food or quickly wolfs down almost all the food you put in its bowl, there is Fancy Feast cat food that will make your cat run every time you tear open a bag or pop the lid on a can. Our top five products are tested and approved by cats, but the brand also makes other varieties that cats cannot resist.

TheFancy Feast Gravy Lovers-Kollektionlives up to its name, because this tinned food is available in different flavours, rounded off with hearty sauces.

Fancy Feast Gourmet Naturals Trockenfutteroffers a delicious taste, contains chicken as the main ingredient and is made without artificial additives.

Finally itFancy Fest classic patehas the smooth, traditional texture that many cats love in wet food.

The 5 Best Fancy Cat Foods - July 2023 - Best Reviews (7) The 5 Best Fancy Cat Foods - July 2023 - Best Reviews (8)

If you prefer cat food that does not contain any artificial additives, Fancy Feast Gourmet Naturals is a good option for your pet. This includes a nice selection of patty and gravy coated jams and white kibble chicken made without artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.


Q. My cat has a sensitive stomach and is prone to indigestion when trying new foods. What tips are there for introducing Fancy Feast cat food into their diet?
IN.Introducing your cat to a new food should be done carefully and slowly. As she feeds her dry food, gradually mix some of the new Fancy Feast treats with her usual brand, increasing the amount over several feedings from about one week to two weeks until she gets used to it.

Use the same technique when feeding your cat wet food. However, it's best to choose a basic recipe like chicken pot pie that tends to be gentle on sensitive stomachs, rather than a recipe that's rich in sauce or has lots of extra ingredients like seafood or vegetables.

Q. Can I feed my cat a combination of Fancy Feast kibble and canned food?
IN.Safe. Cats appreciate variety and often enthusiastically indulge in some wet food with their dry food. Mix about a spoonful of wet with dry to encourage your cat to eat both.

Q. Is there a specific flavor in Fancy Feast canned food that cats prefer?
IN.Not necessarily. Just like people, every cat has their own preferences when it comes to taste. But if you have a cat, you've probably noticed that opening a can of tuna or cooking seafood will make her feel good. Likewise, many cats prefer canned cat food that contains seafood ingredients over other varieties.


What is the highest quality cat food you can buy? ›

Best Overall

The best premium option overall is Crave Indoor Adult Cat Food. It comes in various flavors, including chicken, chicken with salmon, salmon with ocean fish, turkey, chicken, and duck blend. Catering to the protein-rich diets cats need to thrive, the number one ingredient is meat.

Is Fancy Feast cat food made in China? ›

Is Fancy Feast Cat Food Made in China? Fancy Feast sources and manufactures their foods in the United States.

Which company cat food is best? ›

Complete your product analysis and go for the best product for your cat.
  • PurePet Adult Cat Food. ...
  • Meat Up Kitten Food. ...
  • Royal Canin Intense Beauty Cat Food. ...
  • Let's Bite Kitten Food. ...
  • Sheba Premium Wet Food. ...
  • Me-O-Cat Food Tuna. ...
  • Royale Cat Adult Cat Food. ...
  • Kennel Kitchen Wet Cat Food.
Nov 16, 2022

Is Purina Fancy Feast good for cats? ›

“Plenty of the Fancy Feast are actually quite high in protein and very low in carbohydrates.” This variety pack of protein-rich, meat-in-gravy flavors checks all her boxes and would be a good option for cats who like to mix up their meals.

What ingredient to avoid in cat food? ›

5 Common Cat Food Ingredients to Avoid
  • Corn and Wheat Gluten. Corn and wheat gluten are often used in commercial cat food as a protein source. ...
  • Meat By-Products. Meat by-products are the leftover parts of animals after the meat has been removed. ...
  • Artificial Preservatives. ...
  • Soy Products. ...
  • Carrageenan.
Mar 31, 2023

What is the best cat food for cats not eating? ›

For sick cats that are not eating well, offering a very savory canned food is often a good first step. Canned food can be offered alone or mixed with kibble. Purina's Fancy Feast and Friskies have many flavors and varieties, including shreds, chunks, and pâté canned food options.

Which cat food has highest meat content? ›

Iams is nutritionally complete, wheat-free, and contains 89% animal protein (higher than most other cat foods, including some wet varieties).

How can you tell if cat food is high quality? ›

The FDA enforces food safety. If a manufacturer has chosen to AAFCO recommendations, its bags and cans of cat food will have an AAFCO statement, sometimes called a nutritional adequacy statement, on them. This statement lets the pet owner know that the diet is complete and balanced for the stated life stage.

How do I find high quality cat food? ›

The best way to determine this is to look for a statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) on the packaging. The statement will assert the food is balanced with the right nutrients, determined through a feeding trial or the recipe is known to satisfy feline nutritional requirements.

Does high quality cat food make a difference? ›

Many foods will provide and meet the basic requirements to sustain life, however higher-quality foods will result in optimal dog nutrition and cat nutrition. Higher quality foods have better digestibility than lower quality foods.

Why is Fancy Feast cat food out of stock? ›

Canned cat food — from well-known brands like Fancy Feast, Friskies and 9 Lives — is the most elusive. Several factors are responsible, including pandemic-related manufacturing delays, bad weather, and an uptick in pet ownership and pampering.

How many cans of Fancy Feast do you feed a cat per day? ›

Feed an average size adult cat 1 can per 1.6 kgs of body weight daily. Feed up to twice this amount to kittens. Pregnant or nursing cats may require two to four times their normal feeding.

Is Fancy Feast owned by Purina? ›

Fancy Feast is a brand of gourmet cat food from Nestlé Purina PetCare. Introduced by the Carnation Company in 1982, it was originally offered in seven flavors of wet food.

Who is Costco cat food made by? ›

Kirkland is made by Diamond Petfoods, known for making a number of premium brands including Taste of the Wild.

What cat food is not made in China? ›

Halo pet food for dogs and cats is manufactured in the USA and made from ingredients sourced worldwide. None of the ingredients found in Halo products are sourced from China. Halo products are GMO-free and contain no meat meals. Vegan pet food options are available.

What is a good brand of cat food for indoor cats? ›

The best indoor cat food you can buy in 2023
  • Royal Canin Indoor Sterilised in Jelly: Best for sluggish digestive systems. ...
  • IAMS for Vitality Dry Adult and Senior Indoor Cat Food: Best budget dry food. ...
  • Hill's Science Plan Dry Adult Hairball and Indoor Cat Food: Best for hairballs.
Jun 13, 2023

Is Fancy Feast high in iodine? ›

is fancy feast low in iodine? In this variety pack, the Chicken Feast Classic Paté has an iodine content of 0.87 parts per million(ppm), the Beef Feas...

Did Fancy Feast change their formula? ›

We've updated many of our recipe names, so your cat's favourite flavours and textures are easier to spot. With no change to our recipes, you can continue to delight your cat with the textures and taste they love.

Who owns Fancy Feast cat food? ›

Fancy Feast pet food brand | Nestlé Global.

What should the first 3 ingredients in cat food be? ›

Ideally, a protein source like meat, chicken, or fish should be the first ingredient, or at least in the top five. In lower-quality foods, fillers, like ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, and beet pulp are often listed before beef, chicken, fish, or another protein. Feeding Instructions.

What 3 ingredients are bad for cats? ›

Controversial or Questionable Ingredients:
  • Garlic – as mentioned in "Human Foods to Avoid Giving Your Cat" is toxic to cats.
  • Gluten – unnecessary to any feline diet and may cause GI issues and allergies.
  • Soy – unnecessary to any feline diet and may cause food allergies and GI issues.
Nov 25, 2019

What meat is easiest for cats to digest? ›

Wet foods are generally recommended for cats with sensitive stomachs. These is because of the higher moisture content, so they're easier to digest. Also, recipes with novel proteins (like Turkey, Duck, Lamb, etc.) may be easier on your sensitive cat's belly.

What dry cat food do cats like the best? ›

Top 5
  • Made by Nacho - Best Dry Cat Food: Overall.
  • Purina ONE - Best Dry Cat Food: Gut Health & Immune System.
  • Iams - Best Dry Cat Food: Indoor and Outdoor.
  • Blue Buffalo - Best Dry Cat Food: High Protein.
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish - Best Dry Cat Food: Novel Protein.
Feb 17, 2023

What age is a senior cat? ›

You'll be the proud owner of a senior cat by the time it hit about 11 years old. If a cat lives beyond 15 years of age, it'd be a "super-senior". When caring for older cats, it sometimes helps to think of their age in human terms.

What flavor do cats like best? ›

Cats love umami.

Tomatoes, mushrooms, and parmigiana cheese are all examples of foods we enjoy that have umami taste. For cats, umami is thought to be the main driver of food preference, much like sweetness is for us as omnivores. In fact, cats have developed a much broader sense of umami taste than humans.

What meat should cats not eat? ›

Don't feed a cat ham, bologna, salami, or other processed or smoked meats. Raw Fish. If you get sushi grade, very fresh fish, a small amount is likely okay, but otherwise raw fish may be contaminated with bacteria that could harm your cat.

What is the most common meat allergy in cats? ›

Common meat protein-based foods that cause feline allergies include chicken, beef, lamb, fish and meat byproducts. Meat byproducts are not muscle meat, but rather the organs, tongue, and ears of the mammal.

Is expensive cat food worth it? ›

The simple answer is no. As with any other industry, costs unrelated to the quality of the product are factored in to the price. Often, when you pay more for pet food, you're paying for marketing, branding, and advertising rather than better food.

What is the difference between cheap cat food and expensive cat food? ›

Compared to less expensive brands that you might find at a grocery or big box store, some premium brands may have higher digestibility and higher amounts of more expensive ingredients such as animal fat, protein, and fish oil, or different amounts or ratios of other essential nutrients well above the required minimums.

Do cats poop less on high quality food? ›

Wet and raw diets have higher digestibility ratios, which means fewer bowel movements than a kibble-fed feline. And any diet low in fiber could back your kitty up and result in less frequent bowel movements.

What is better for cats rice or oatmeal? ›

Rice is okay to give in small doses, but other whole grains, like oats, barley, and whole-wheat breadcrumbs might be better. These smaller pieces are easier for a cat to digest and hold more nutritional benefits, according to PetMD.

Why do vets not like grain free cat food? ›

Iron, thiamine, calcium, riboflavin, folate, and niacin are all in grain. Grain free diets may result in a deficiency of these essential nutrients. Plus, these carbohydrate sources cost more. Depending on your cat's health status and specific nutritional needs, a diet with grain may be better than one without.

Is it OK to switch cat food brands? ›

It's generally fine to change your cat's food to a different brand. Provided the new food is complete and balanced, suitable for your cat's life stage, and that they actually like the taste of it, there's no reason why you can't mix it up.

Should I mix dry and wet cat food? ›

Ultimately, your cat will decide whether she prefers dry or wet cat food. Purina nutritionists recommend feeding a combination of wet and dry food, though. This helps ensure she gets plenty of moisture in her diet, plus the dental benefits of dry food, all while adding variety to keep her interested.

Why do vets recommend bad cat food? ›

Here's why vet recommended cat food is garbage:

Vet recommended cat food is made with low-quality ingredients. Kibble has many dangerous recalls. Vet schools don't focus on cat food and nutrition. Kibble cat food companies have a heavy influence on vets.

Which Fancy Feast is being discontinued? ›

Purina recently decided to cease manufacturing of the popular Fancy Feast Appetizer line of cat food.

What are the issues with Fancy Feast cat food? ›

Many fish products contain significant levels of mercury. Many Fancy Feast feline food products contain fish that may carry high levels of mercury. These products can cause the effects of mercury poisoning over a long period, resulting in severe health problems. One common effect of mercury poisoning is kidney damage.

Why is there no cat food anywhere 2023? ›

“The amount available doesn't cover the market like it needs to,” he says. “Raw materials, according to my suppliers, raw materials are diverted first towards human use.” Additionally, staffing issues, rising prices and slower deliveries across the board are contributing to the pet food shortage.

Is it OK to give cats wet food everyday? ›

How often should cats eat wet food? What do vets recommend? Wet food is not a special meal or an occasional treat. Cats can and should eat wet food every day because it agrees with the feline digestive system better than dry or semi-moist food.

How much Fancy Feast should I feed my 12 pound cat? ›

The Fancy Feast website says to feed 1 can per 3 1/2 lbs body weight per day, for adult cats. Feed kittens twice that.

Is 2 cans of food a day enough for a cat? ›

While the specifics vary from brand to brand and between different types of canned food, as a very rough guideline, a 3-ounce can of cat food has around 70 to 100 calories, so the average adult cat would need to eat two or three cans of food per day.

Is Fancy Feast made in China? ›

Is Fancy Feast Cat Food Made in China? Fancy Feast sources and manufactures their foods in the United States.

What kind of meat is in Fancy Feast? ›

This natural wet cat food with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients features high-quality ingredients and premium gourmet flavor. Real white meat chicken and beef entice your cat and help provide an exceptional taste Fancy Feast is known for.

What are the most unhealthy cat foods? ›

Some of the most toxic food for cats include onions & garlic, raw eggs & meat, chocolate, alcohol, grapes and raisins. Avoid feeding your cat table scraps, especially around the holidays, as these may contain potentially toxic ingredients.

What are the 10 best dry cat foods? ›

Included in this guide:
  • Stella & Chewy's. ...
  • Purina. ...
  • Blue Buffalo. ...
  • Royal Canin. Hairball Care. ...
  • Hill's. Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach And Skin Chicken Dry Cat Food. ...
  • Instinct. Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Cat Food. ...
  • Solid Gold. Let's Stay In Grain-Free Indoor Formula Dry Adult Cat Food. ...
  • Ziwi Peak. Mackerel and Lamb.
Feb 15, 2023

Is Friskies okay for cats? ›

Friskies is 100% Safe to Feed Your Cat.

What is the safest thing to feed cats? ›

Cats are meat eaters, plain and simple. They have to have protein from meat for a strong heart, good vision, and a healthy reproductive system. Cooked beef, chicken, turkey, and small amounts of lean deli meats are a great way to give them that. Raw or spoiled meat could make your cat sick.

What dry cat food taste best to cats? ›

  • Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula. ...
  • Iams ProActive Health Kitten Food. ...
  • Royal Canin Feline Health Kitten Food. ...
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dry Cat Food. ...
  • Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Dry Cat Food. ...
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish Chicken with Lentils Dry Indoor Cat Food. ...
  • Hill's Science Diet Adult Dry Cat Food.

What is best food for cats wet or dry? ›

Wet food is more expensive and less easy to use but can be beneficial in cats prone to lower urinary tract disease, constipation and that are overweight. Dry food can be a very efficient way to provide calories in thin cats with food volume limitations and allows for the use of food puzzles and food toy dispensers.

Is Temptations good for cats? ›

Generally designed for adult cats (though they do have a kitten option), most Temptations treats are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced, meaning they meet the nutrient requirements for adult cats. They're also relatively low-calorie and affordable, which makes them a good choice for your cat and your budget.

Is meow mix good for my cat? ›

Product Information. Is Meow Mix good for my cat? Our food products offer complete and balanced nutrition to generally healthy cats of various life stages. The quality and safety of our products are important to us, and they are manufactured and labeled in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Are paws and claws good? ›

Overall, with 15 varieties reviewed producing an average score of 4.3 / 10 paws, Paws & Claws is a significantly below average overall cat food brand when compared to all others brands in our database. However, due to the nature of their ingredient composition dry foods typically score less than wet foods on average.


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