The best powder laundry detergents are gentle on linens but tough on stains. (2023)

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Before we have to worry about the gooey mess that comes with spilling liquid detergent on wash day, there was powder. Most of us are only familiar with those thick, succulent soaps sold in large fluorescent orange jars. OK, OK, thereTerThere have been many improvements, mainly in the form offresh addictive flavorsand sleek, reusable containers, but after testing a variety of today's new and improved powder packs (wash load after load of sheets and towels) we found we embraced the tradition.

Very similardetergent sheets, the biggest difference between the powder and its liquid counterpart is a shorter (and safer!) list of ingredients. Plus, it's packaged with less plastic and requires less carbon dioxide to manufacture and ship because it's not as heavy as liquid detergents, which are loaded with water. If you want to see what the fuss is about, we've compiled a list of the best powder detergents that impressed us the most, especially when you realize that more than half of those ingredient labels only list three to four items.

our favourites

Best for Sensitive Skin:Celsious Corewash Seifenpulver

The best powder laundry detergents are gentle on linens but tough on stains. (1)


Packaging: 32 ounce can | Spoon Size: 1/2 Tablespoon | Scent: Lavender, unscented

What we like:

  • plastic-free packaging
  • Simple and non-toxic ingredients
  • Holds up to 115 charges


  • Spoon not included

Why we choose it:Small things have a big impact; Leaves come out of the wash fresh and clean.

Instructions are simple: add ½ tablespoon of the powder to the drum of your washing machine (the amount is so small that our tester wasn't sure it would actually be enough, especially when it arrived in the sauce's largest container - a can with a screw cap). . Still a little apparently reallyhe doesThis goes a long way as fresh linen sheets and a cotton duvet and some absorbent terry towels looked crisp and fresh and perfectly air dried. In fact, this batch may have dried a bit too harshly and could have benefited from a fabric softener, but if you want to go completely natural and no-fuss, this simple blend should be what you're looking for. Our tester's tin didn't come with a spoon, but luckily the company offers a nice one.Keramik-Optionif you really want to up your laundry game.

Best for lasting fresh scents:Rosey Pulverwaschmittel

The best powder laundry detergents are gentle on linens but tough on stains. (2)
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Packing: plastic bag | Spoon size: ½ tablespoon | Scents: Lavender, Peppermint, Unscented

What we like:

  • Strong fragrances that soften at the end of the wash
  • Free spoon for easy measuring
  • It costs less than $14 (it costs 13 cents per charge and holds about $70 total)


  • Stored in a sealed plastic bag that reminds us of Ziploc
  • Dispatched within 24 hours when you sign up for a membershipthriving market

Why we choose it:Use lavender for a soothing hug or peppermint to keep bacteria at bay.

Even before you open the bag of Rosey's lavender-scented washing powder, you can smell it - in a good way, like a bunch of freshly picked grass from the garden. But it's a scent that lingers affectionately from the beginning to the end of the wash, and you can smell it now and again when our tester's white-and-grey bed sheet set has been hung out to dry. While the smell is strong when you first open the pouch, you don't have to worry about it weighing down your sheets, especially the linens you'll be laying out every night. The scent has certainly softened after washing and even more so after drying. We love that there's a small spoon in the pouch, although we have to note the abundance of plastic, both in this additional tool and in the packaging itself. But Rosey still scores points for being a plant-based mineral product only five ingredients total - and you won't find any added sodium lauryl sulfate here.

Best for stubborn stains:Slow North natural soap powder

The best powder laundry detergents are gentle on linens but tough on stains. (3)


Packing: glass bottle | Spoon size: 1 to 2 tablespoons | Aromas: Eucalyptus and Lavender, Meadow (Lemon, Cypress and Basil), Hello Sunshine (Grapefruit, Geranium and Lemon), Lavender and Mint

What we like:

  • Subscribe and save 15%
  • Handcrafted in small batches in Austin
  • There is almost no clean scent (although there are 3 others to choose from)


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Only about 40 powder charges

Why we choose it:Better than doing your own DIY.

What first struck us about the Slow North was the packaging: this powder arrived in a 14-ounce glass jar with a screw-on metal lid, which surprised us that it survived shipping (especially considering it made the journey from from his base in Austin to New York). Unlike the finer texture of the other powders we tried, this formula was noticeably thicker, but its ingredients were pretty much the same (citric acid, sodium carbonate, and the like, but with the addition of essential oils, which give it a spalike aroma, of eucalyptus to lavender). This powder stopped us because it doesat, replacing the need for fabric softener and stain remover. To really test this, we added an off-white cotton sweatshirt with an oil stain. Much to our tester's delight, the minor blemishes have been eliminated, and better yet, the fuzzy interior still felt soft against the skin.

Best for all-natural energy:Meliora concentrated washing powder


Packing: carton and steel box | Spoon size: ½ or 1 tbsp | Fragrances: lemon, lavender, lemon clove and lavender, unscented

What we like:

  • little foam
  • recyclable packaging
  • Waste free product
  • Subscribe and save with Hive


  • on the more expensive side

Why we choose it:Free from bleach and synthetic fragrances, this powder has the natural oil-fighting power of lemon.

Meliora is a brand that is at the top of our listbest shower cleaner, as it can effortlessly turn dull steel fittings into shiny ones. As such, an equally simple (yet effective!) powder-based formula is one of our favorites in this category as well. The concentrated, colorant-free formula comes in plastic-free packaging—a cardboard and steel canister—large enough to hold 64 standard loads or 128 half-loads. That's because you don't need to use as much with a low powered machine (½ scoop versus 1 full tablespoon). And it comes with a reusable metal spoon, so when we tested it we were glad we never had to guess the amount. We love that Meliora is working with 1% for the planet, women's voices and giving new meaning to clean clothes.

Best for a glow boost:Dirty Labs Organic Laundry Booster

The best powder laundry detergents are gentle on linens but tough on stains. (5)


(Video) Top 5 Best Laundry Detergents for Sensitive Skins [Review 2023] - Liquid Laundry Detergent Powder

Packing: cardboard box | Spoon size: 1 tablespoon | Fragrances: Unscented

What we like:

  • 4-in-1 formula: removes stains and odors; brightens white and colors
  • Comes with a responsibly sourced wooden spoon
  • Dissolvable in every machine and temperature
  • Made in the USA


  • No need to add to each load (avoid using with your silk)

Why we choose it:Your favorite white t-shirt looks a bit yellow? Add a little extra to lighten up your next load.

Light-colored garments are risky, from sheets and pillowcases to tank tops and t-shirts, as each stain can be far more glaring to the eye, be it wine, chocolate or (worse) sweat. This is the type of body dirt that is usually the most difficult to remove. Invisible at first, it builds up, oxidizes, attracts bacteria, and eventually appears as a yellow or gray discoloration. But that's where Dirty Labs' Bio Enzyme Laundry Booster can save the day (or maybe just your favorite shirt badges). "Like baking soda, the sodium carbonate in the booster slightly raises the pH to a higher alkalinity," says Dr. Pete He, Chief Scientist at Dirty Labs, who explains that this temporarily improves the performance of the bioenzymes in Phytolase, the company's innovation. which works with activated oxygen to whiten and brighten. During testing, we put this straight into the machine's drum (sticking it in your clothes can ruin them).Dirty Labs liquid laundry detergentand did a cold wash as hot water can really darken the stains. However, he also notes that this booster can be used alone to pre-soak older blemishes in a cool shower before adding to your regular cycle. We turned this into a set of aged white cotton pillowcases, a fitted sheet and a flat sheet. While the grayish spots weren't completely removed - you can only see it if you look closely - the fabric looked much lighter overall.

On our radar

  • powder capsules? yes it is one thing If you don't want to worry about dosing the right amount of detergent for each wash, we thought of thatThe Grove Co. about the methodcan solve your problem.
  • Blueland Oxi Laundry Booster Starter Setit can have everything you need to lighten your whites, wash away stubborn stains and remove strong odors; although we'd love to try the dispenser can to see how easy (and clean) it really is.

How we select these products

Finding the best powder detergents wasn't difficult as there aren't many options on the market. We've stuck to short, clean ingredient lists - since dirty water is released after a cycle and can enter bodies of water - and made sure to only test formulas that aren't harmful to your septic tank or the sea (although the fibers of clothing are quite a other topic). We favored unscented or naturally scented options, noting the ones that came with a free scoop, then adding the recommended serving of each to a batch: We tested them first on linens, from cotton to linen to eucalyptus, and then on towels did another round with only everyday clothes and avoided sportswear or silkier fabrics. We tried to test its claims (for example, with Booster, we wanted to see how it worked against new and old sweat stains; and for Slow North, which claimed to replace a fabric softener, we wanted to see if our items came out as soft after washing So soon). For all our linens we line dry, while for clothes we add a normal drying cycle. All tested on a 7.3 cubic foot LG electric washer and dryer.

Application and Use

When you dose just the right amount of powder, it feels more like you're baking in the kitchen than getting ready to do laundry in the laundry room. and while it's not that important to be precise in this case, it can still look a little daunting when the laundry detergent you choose doesn't come with a specific spoon. In this case, you probably only need to save a tablespoon to make measurements easier (you should do this for a full-size load). And all of the powders on our list, including additional boosters, can be sprayed directly into your machine's drum, either at the front or top, unless otherwise noted.


"One of the biggest benefits of using the powder is a much shorter ingredient list than liquids or capsules," notes Christine McNerney, senior director of merchandising atthriving market, the makers of Rosey, who explain that dishwashing liquid requires preservatives and other additives to make it stable. It only takes a few key ingredients to get your clothes clean and fresh, she adds. Here are the principles:

  • citric acidit can brighten and brighten your lights.
  • Sodium carbonate, also known as baking soda, is basically washable baking soda (baking soda) - it's a detergent that removes stains and also helps flush out detergents in hard water.
  • coconut oilsand soaps are also found in theThe best all-purpose cleanersfor removing dirt from fabrics.
  • Strengthen, like tapioca starch, can reduce wrinkling during the drying cycle.
  • Essential Oilscan support all sorts of things, be it cleaning (mint has an antibacterial effect, lemon against acid) or leaves a visibly fresh scent.
  • Enzyme, like protease, are useful for breaking down protein-based stains.

In short, you should avoid synthetic fragrances (often derived from petroleum), optical brighteners, phosphates (some are used as water softeners but can pollute water bodies), dioxane (a carcinogenic solvent), chlorine, formaldehyde, phthalates, synthetic dyes, and SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate). All of these can irritate your skin.

However, with boosters, you'll likely notice pre-soda ash in the ingredients list. "It's mineral-based and is generally more stable in granulated form," explains He. "It's also able to store more activated oxygen than just a few percent hydrogen peroxide in water."

Unscented vs. Scented

Howmost scented liquid detergents, Powder versions also offer clean, floral, and citrus scents in addition to the odorless ones. This choice is largely a matter of preference; or if you're someone with sensitive skin, you might want to stick with the latter. For our list, we've gone with natural scents, usually courtesy of essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, and peppermint.

Frag Domino

Q: Is powder detergent strong enough to remove stains?

Yes! As long as you get it fast enough, like any laundry detergent. “Pre-treat as many stains as possible!” emphasize Theresa and Corinna Williams, co-founders of Celsious. “The sooner we treat on-site, the better our chances of actually getting rid of a stain. Don't let any stain set. In this case, there is no guarantee that the stain will come out during washing. A common misconception is that "natural" detergents aren't strong enough to fight stains, but once a stain has set in, it's difficult for any detergent, regardless of the ingredients, to fight it.

This is where help from a stain remover soap or bar of soap can also come in handy. And for a deeper clean, try McNerney's trick: "Damp clothes in sink or bath with detergent before machine washing."

Q: What is a wash booster and what does it do?

“In the past, detergents were mainly made from chlorine-based bleach. They are powerful oxidizing agents that break down organic or biological molecules and therefore lighten, brighten and help restore the original color of clothing and fabrics. However, chlorine-based bleaches are made with harsh chemicals that can have negative impacts on human health and safety and the environment,” explains He. "In recent years, 'oxygen bleaches' have gained popularity as an alternative to chlorine-based bleaches - with safer ingredients and less harmful environmental impact. The active ingredient is activated oxygen released from sodium percarbonate or hydrogen peroxide. The activated oxygen breaks down the organic or biological molecules in the stain and eventually turns into water.”

Q: Should I add a booster to every wash load I make?

“We recommend using boosters only when needed, especially on particularly dirty, stained, or smelly clothes,” He clarifies. “Most of your clothes should be fine if you only wash them with detergent. As many wash boosters contain chlorine or oxygen based bleaches which tend to react with and break down biological molecules, we recommend avoiding the use of wash boosters on protein-based fabric materials such as silk, wool and other delicate or washable fabrics. by hand. only fabrics. In addition, certain dyeing technologies such as batik must not be dyed and should not be treated with wash boosters either.

Q: Are there certain types of washing machines that I shouldn't use powder detergent on?

One of the caveats of using powder is dissolution - which can often be misinterpreted as only suitable for certain types of washing machines - but this type of detergent is really suitable for all types of machines, even those with the Designation HE. In fact, in the Celisous Brooklyn Laundromat you will only find front-loading units that have been rated the best by Electrolux for energy efficiency. What the sisters warn is that you can run into trouble when you catch a cold. If you notice residues on your laundry, we recommend dissolving them in some warm water before putting them in the drum or even in the detergent drawer.

Q: How much detergent should I use per load?

This depends on the size of your load, the size of your washing machine and even how dirty your clothes are. And while you'll typically only need a tablespoon for a regular pile of laundry, it's important to check the manufacturer's instructions first. We found that each had their own variation of an appropriate "serving size" or came with a predetermined easy-to-use spoon.

(Video) How Good is Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent?

“Many of us use far more detergent than necessary, and sometimes without even realizing it! Overdosing is not only a waste of money, it also doesn't make the load cleaner,” emphasize the Williams sisters. “Excess product can build up in the fabric and trap odor-causing bacteria. If you've ever had a garment that smells musty or unpleasant even though it's been recently laundered, product buildup could be the culprit."

The last word

After testing the best powder detergents, we may never go back to liquid detergents (except in specific cases where it's necessary). Using just ½ tablespoon in most cases to handle an entire load of full size clothes, we were amazed at how clean and fresh our sheets came out of the wash. And as true testament to how safe each of these formulas claims to be, our tester - who suffers from sensitive skin and is often irritated by soaps and lotions of all kinds - had no trouble reporting it.


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